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These are my thoughts on failure.
I was feeling pretty low the other day, feeling like a loser and a failure. Right around this time a friend told me that at a scholarship interview she had one of the questions was how would you describe failure. I began to ponder this fact as I usually do, and lo and behold I realized that I truly was failing. But not as a rodeo contestant as I had at first assumed. Rather I was failing as a friend to those who were experiencing success and also a failure to myself for placing myself in the my gloomy moody pit which I seem to frequent.

So as I sat on my horse walking in circles I came up with my definition of failure.

FAILURE, it is the act of giving up on things that seem trying or complicated or sad. It is stopping what you are doing without finishing or trying your hardest to see it to completion. This is what failure is.

FAILURE is when you put petty, selfish walls up between you and those you care about. I was a failure because I scorned my friend instead of immediately congratulating her great success.

FAILURE as a whole is recognizing your faults and not doing everything you can to correct them. In allowing your bad traits to flourish, you become a failure as a human being.

There seems to be a common misconception that losing is the same as failing. But it isn’t, because I’ve lost many times, but I always tried, I always wanted to win. My failures come more in the latter, but there are tasks I have started and not seen through to the end. I believe every person has some failings, but we can only be considered true failures when we refuse to try and fix where we fail the most.

The art of trying almost always can overcome the horrible thing that we call failure. Try to be happy for others and you will. And in that process you will feel better, happier because you can rest assured that in some small way you are not a failure.

So go and try and believe in yourself and your ability to overcome failure.
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