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What might happen when you forget your lunch at home.
It was, I remember a Monday, and of course, on Mondays we have school. Normally, mothers would send us with a fresh sandwich and fruits or a chocolate, neatly packed in a lunch box. These days, lunch boxes aren't much fashionable with the teens but in my days, lunchboxes were frequently used for packed lunch. So it happened that Nick overslept, and most probably he just put on his clothes, grabbed his school bag and rushed off, leaving his lunch behind him!

He arrived right on time and it wasn't until the break time that he noticed he had forgotten his food. Well actually he had forgotten a few other things in the hassle, but at that moment, food was what concerned him. Nick skipped breakfast and his stomach was rumbling just like a train. I lent him some money and he bought a cheese baguette which consisted of butter, lettuce, tomatoes and of course, cheddar cheese.

We shared a bench with two girls in the Entrance Hall. The Hall was fairly large, the walls were freshly painted a light green. On the left of the door to go out, there was a small room for the receptionist and benches all round for us to sit on during recess. On the right side of the door, there was the long corridor of toilet cubicles.

I was busy eating my own sandwich when I noticed Nick fishing for something in the baguette. Tomatoes. Nick absolutley detested tomatoes, for some reason or other. Finally Nick managed to scoop out the large tomato slice, and dangled the unwanted ingredient infront of him, his fingers full of butter and small pieces of lettuce.

So it happened that the girl we were sharing the bench with was afraid of tomatoes. She goes bananas when she sees tomatoes. There are people who for some incredible reason, they go crazy when they see vegetables!

This girl apparently decided to look at us at the wrong time. She let out a piercing scream and threw her packet of cereal to the floor. The Hall's not-so-clean floor tiles for once were dirtier than usual which I used to consider impossible. Sprawled on the floor, there were countless golden flakes of the cereal. At the same moment that the girl screamed, Nick had also let out a shocked yell. Who wouldn't, after hearing a sudden high pitched shriek coming from the girl next to you?

With the panic he did exactly what the girl did, he sent the tomato pieces flying. I stared in wonder as the poor girl was frenzied, skipping through bits and pieces of cereal and the cursed tomatoes. We were surrounded by a group of angry teachers and cleaners. Other students collapsed into a hysterics of uncontrollable laughter, tears of laughter rolling down their cheeks. I was in a real mess. So was the frightened girl's friend. We were trying to calm down a girl who was scared stiff of tomatoes, and a boy who went CRAZY!!!! Nick wouldn't stop kicking the cereal and tomatoes all over the floor, and making the other girl scream pitifully.

The girl suddenly fainted, sinking to the floor. Her friend gave Nick a dark look. Apparently he remembered he was at school, halfway through a baguette. As if nothing happened he returned to his bench and bit through the troublesome sandwich. He waved for me to come beside him. I had no choice but to settle down and try to hide away from my eyes they disgusting mess of cereal and tomatoes on the floor.
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