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Mary Bennett needs a romance so I am writing one for her. I hope Jane would approve.
Mary Bennett put on her pretty green dress that was low cut but she wore all her dresses low cut. She had to ride her horse to Bath. She wasn't going to miss the lecture by Professor Lanton. Lyle Lanton had traveled to India, Egypt, the Netherlands and all over the continent. He was giving a lecture at the town library about his travels. Mary loved the idea of traveling to other lands. She loved literature and loved learning. She had taken some college classes in London when she stayed there. Professor Lanton had been her professor for a History Class and Literature Class. She really liked him and had aced both of his classes. She couldn't wait to see him again. Mary hoped to be a teacher someday. Knowledge was such a powerful tool. She knew her mother wanted her to marry like all her sisters were but Mary had other plans.

Just then her mother's voice could be heard through the house. Mary thought all of Bath could hear her.

"Mary, where are you?"

"In my room, mother. I am about ready to go."

Mrs. Bennett made her way upstairs. "Mary, I don't know why you can't stay home or go with your father and I to see Charlotte and Charles. You have no business going to a lecture. Charlotte needs a friend your age."

"Mother, Charlotte is Elizabeth's friend and her husband is a boring lunatic. To think, you almost sacrificed Jane into marrying him. How revolting. You almost made a deal to marry your daughters off to his awful brothers. The one brother played with his pants! You talk about a rogue! He wasn't even good looking and I would hate to see what was in his pants!"

"Mary Bennett! Watch your tongue! You will be an old maid at the rate you are going. No man wants a woman who daydreams about traveling the world. All those courses you took in London. What is wrong with being married?"

"Nothing, mother. Elizabeth married Mr. Darcy and she has the best husband there is and I would never try to intefer with her and her marriage. I love them both. Jane and her husband are very happy. Lydia. She married the worst scoundrel ever. Poor Kitty. You always said how homely she was and you hurt her feelings. Jane was your beautiful daughter and you're angel. Elizabeth spoke her mind like I do. She got the best husband. Oh! That's right. You thought he was a pompous ass but you sure love his money. He did save you and father and also's Lydia's reputation. Anyway, mother I am off to my lecture. See you."

"Young lady! How dare you talk to me that way!"

"Love you, Mom!" Mary hurried down the stairs. Her mother was going to drive her insane!

Mary ran to the door and almost bumped into her father. "Excuse me, father."

Mr. Bennett nodded and smiled. Mary. She was her own woman. Someday, she would find a man who was right for her.

Mary got to the barn and she had the groom had saddle her black horse Ebony for her. Ebony was so easy to ride. Her parents were taking the carriage so Mary had to ride her horse but she didn't care.

It was a nice ride through the woods but Mary wasn't taking the path through the woods home. It would be dark thwn. It was a nice sunny day and Mary looked foward to the lecture.

Before Mary knew it, she was at the library. She tied her horse to the post and there was Siroe Monroe. He was twenty years old where Mary was nineteen. Great! Siroe danced with her at all the dances at the balls she attended and kissed her on more then one occassion. He had asked her to marry him. He had even touched her in forbidden places and she had slapped him. He was the son of Tyrone Monroe. The Monroes ran the textile mill near by and were quite well off. Mary barely liked Siroe. Why was he at the lecture?

"Hello. Mary. Your mother told my parents you would be here today."

"GREAT! THANKS, MOTHER! Mary shook her red hair and batted her green eyes. She loved to flirt with Siroe. Try as he might, she would never be Siroe's wife. "Siroe. I didn't know you were interested in far away places. This is what this lecture is about."

"I know. What interests you is important to me." Siroe was a good looking blonde haired man but he could be arrogant, too.

"Siroe, I will never be with you. Find somone else. I have never lead you on."

"I love you, Mary. You were flirting with me just now. Your mother approves of us. Why can't you give into me and be my wife."

"Mother likes you and your family because you have money. Money doesn't impress me. You're needy, arrogant and I don't flirt with you. If you will excuse me, I am going to go into the library to hear the lecture."

Mary started to walk away and Siroe grabbed her arm.Mary hissed. "Let go of me!"

Just then Weston Hughes came up to Mary and Siroe. "Is there a problem?"

Siroe released his grip on Mary's arm and Mary linked her arm to Weston's. "Not anymore. Thank you, Mr. Hughes."

"My pleasure."

Mary and Weston walked into the library together. Weston was a divorced man of twenty-six and divorce wasn't very respectable but Mary didn't care. Weston's wife had cheated on him and he ignored her affairs as long as he could. He decided to give his wife her freedom even though he loved her very much. He found a good lawyer and was granted a divorce. Weston and Mary had been good friends for a long time. She had danced with him at the balls.

"Is Siroe still after you?"

"Yes. Thank goodness, you came along." Mary hugged Weston and he kissed her on the cheek. Other people had arrived. Some had seen Mary outside with Siroe and now this display of affection with Weston. Some people considered Mary a tramp but Mary's virtue was very much in tact.

The lecture started and Mary loved Professor Lanton's talk about his travels. Siroe hadn't stayed for the lecture.

After the lecture, Mary went up to Professor Lanton. He recogonized her and gave her a big hug. The people at the lecture was whispering. They thought Mary had slept with Siroe, Weston and the Professor. Mary was considered a loose woman.

Mary was one of the Professor's best students. He asked her when she was coming back to London to take classes. Mary hoped soon. The Professor promised she would always be welcome and she could use his name as a reference. Mary hugged the Professor and introduced him to Weston.

It had started raining and Weston had driven his enclosed carriage and offerede Mary a ride home. Mary worried about Ebony. Weston said Ebony could stay at the town stable over night. Mary got in Weston's carriage. This was noticed by the good people who attended the lecture. Mary's reputation was at stake.

The carriage went through some mud and rocked but Weston told Mary the carriage would make it.

"How long have you know Professor Lanton?"

"Two years. He is a good Professor and I would love to teach like him."

"You could change the world. I love you, Mary."

"Don't say that. You are a great guy and you rescued me from Siroe. I appreciate you taking me home."

Weston kissed Mary's cheek and patted her hand.

The carriage arrived at Mary's house and Weston helped Mary out of the carriage. He escorted her to the door. Mrs. Bennett opened the door. "Where have you been?"

"At the lecture. I talked to the Professor afterwards."

"Mr. Hughes. Why are you here?"

"It was raining. Mary left Ebony at the stable and I drove her home in my enclosed carriage."

"I see. Mary is safe now. You can go, Mr. Hughes."

Weston bowed and told Mary he would bring Ebony back to her tomorrow. Mary thanked him.

Weston left. Mrs. Bennett was fit to be tied. "A divorced young man brings you home. What are you thinking? This won't do much for your reputation. What are you thinking?"

"Mother. you told Siroe I would there at the lecture. How dare you! I can't stand him! He grabbed my arm and brusied it and Weston rescued me from him. Don't you ever tell Siroe anything about me again. Weston is my friend. I can see who I want. I may be returning to London. At least you aren't there!"

Mary ran up to her room. Mrs. Bennett would really be upset when tomorrow came around. The people of Bath would be talking.

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