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Megan and Jennifer meet some gypsies.
Nancy served some pastries and tea and Megan and Jennifer ate the cherry filled pastries and drank their tea. Jane joined them.

"How was your day at the library?" asked Jane.

"I read a book about Medieval times and time went fast. Fascinating time period. I enjoyed my lunch with Miles." Megan smiled.

"Mr. Dawson is nice. Will you be leaving soon for your trip to see Vicki and Bill?" Jane asked.

"In a little while. We will be spending the night with them. Jennifer is going to be with Bradley tomorrow." Megan put a lemon in her tea.

"I will be busy writing. My characters get a happy ending. I wish life would could be happy for everyone." Jane looked sad.

Just then Nancy announced that Mr. Steffy was here to pick Megan and Jennifer up.

"He is early." Megan and Jennifer put their tea cups down and went upstairs. "Nancy, tell Bill we will be out in a little while.

Nancy left to tell Mr. Steffy.

Megan and Jennifer packed some dresses in a small trunk that Jane had loaned them. They felt like two teen-agers going to a slumber party.

Megan and Jennifer went downstairs and Bill took their trunk and put it on the carriage. "Bill, Jennifer and I are spending the night. We hope you don't mind."

"Vicki will be happy.She has been busy preparing for your visit all day. We would love to have you spend the night." Bill loved Vicki's friends.

Bill helped Megan and Jennifer into the carriage. Angel and Gretchen were going to be there, too.

It was a sunny afternoon and Megan and Jennifer loved the scenery. The woods were go neat and green. Birds were flying all over. Megan and Jennifer sometimes wished they could stay forever.

The carriage arrived at Vicki and Bill's. Bill helped Megan and Jennifer out of the carriage. Vicki opened the door and hugged the women. She noticed the trunk. "You are staying? Good. It gets so lonely here."

"Yes, we look forward to being here. Jane's parents are away for a few days." Megan's eyes sparkled.

Angel and Gretchen were already there. They were eating cookies and drinking tea.

"What's new?" Asked Angel.

"Megan had a hot date with Miles Dawson." Jennifer giggled.

"Jennifer spent the night ay her boyfriend's house and came home wearing a scarlet dress." Megan was laughing.

"It wasn't scarlet. It was red." Jennifer grabbed a cookie.

"Do you two ladies need to wear scarlet letters, like the letter A? What will the neighbors think? You bad Vixens!" Angel giggled.

"No, we have been behaving ourselves. It sure is nice to be ourselves. We love Jane but she can't know all our secrets." Megan was glad to be here with her friends.

"Mrs. O'Riley leaves candles lit and stands in her pantry trying to contact fairies. Nice ladies but she reminds me of the funny farm where Megan and I used to work." Gretchen laughed.

"I still work at the funny farm. Jennifer does, too. Can you believe the place hasn't been built, yet in this time period? Harold the ghost hasn't been born, yet." Megan still couldn't believe that she was in the past at times.

Vicki put a roast on the table and Bill put some rolls out. There were also potatoes and the ladies started to eat.

"Ladies, we can't watch movies. We can talk and tell stories at least." Vicki was happy to have guests.

"I am sure we have stories to tell. We are better then TV." Jennifer loved the roast.

"Like corrupting Jane and getting her to smoke." Megan smiled.

"You didn't! Poor Jane. Did she like it?" Angel thought this was cool.

"I told her not to make it a habit. She caught me smoking by the barn. I thought she was in bed. Poor Jane has a strict upbringing. She is glad her parents are away." Jennifer drank some tea.

"I feel sorry for women in ths time period. Men shouldn't have to rule them. I am glad we are equals back home." Gretchen hoped they weren't stuck in the past forever.

Vicki had made a chocolate cake. "Eat up ladies. Vicki cooked and baked all day." Bill was cutting the cake.

"Speaking of home. Any idea of how we will get home?" Vicki asked.

"Megan shook her head. "No. There is so much more I want to say to Jane. Jennifer has a love interest. Miles is falling for me. I miss Damon. If we never get home, I will have Miles at least."

"Looks like Grethen and I should find boyfriends. In case we don't get home. Angel looked sad.

Just then there was a noise outside. Horses, strange music like violins and loud voices.

Everyone got up and ran outside. There were horses, caravans, people in colorful clothes. Women holding tambourines, men with violins and coolrs of dark red, purple, orange clothes, women with dark colored veils and men with colorful handerchiefs on their head. Megan noticed one man in particular. He was a gypsy with red trousers, bright orange shirt and a earring in his ear. He looked like Johnny Depp! It was like he was in a new movie. Megan wanted to hug him among other things. He noticed Megan and bowed.

"Pretty woman. Let me introduce myself. I am Manolito. I have come to make your dreams come true." He threw a rose at Megan.

"I don't believe this. Johhny Depp look alike! Gypsies. How cool!" Jennifer loved it.

Angel giggled. Gypsies. "The only thing to complete this adventure would be pirates." Angel giggled.

"I hope there is enough food in case they are hungry." Vicki shook her head and smiled.

Manolito extended his hand to Megan and she took it. She was in Neverland and Wonderland.

Other gypsies came forward. One man was named Adrian. Another man was Calin. The women introduced themselves as Zenyavatta, Raluca, Florina, Alicia, Fadera and Annalika. Other men were: Ivon, Costian, Sandor, Tabius, Thadius and his wife Petronella.

Gretchen liked Tabius. He was making rabbits appear and Costian played a violin and Angel danced. Jennifer liked Calin. The men were all dark haired and Calin remined Jennifer of Gerard Butler. He had blue eyes and danced with Jennifer. Blue eyes wasn't a gypsy gene but Jennifer didn't care.

Megan introduced herself to Manolito. He had to be a descendant of Johhny Depp. Manolito asked her if she would like to be his Princess.

Vicki and Bill offered food to the gypsies. The gypsies were setting up camp. Manolito started a fire and music played. Violins and tambourines made for good music.

Calin told Jennifer that he had been a knight once but he deserted the King's Army and became a gypsy. Jennifer told him she was nurse.

"You heal the sick? " Calin asked.

"I take care of them." Jennifer loved his blue eyes. She almost forgot about Bradley.

"My mother Magda has healing spells. You are a pretty woman. Let's sit by the fire and smoke some magic weed." Jennifer giggled. This was going to be fun.

"Megan, do you like the stars?" Manolito and Megan were sitting by the fire.

"I love the stars." Megan looked up at the sky.

"See the mermaid and unicorn?" Manolito asked.

"They do look like a mermaid and unicorn." Megan thought the stras were beautiful.

"Watch. I throw magic potion to the sky and you will see a wolf." Manolito threw liquid in the sky and she did see a wolf. It looked like Jacob. More wolves appeared. Megan was impressed.

Manolito clapped his hands and said: "We sit by the fire. Everyone. We star graze and make a wish."

Everyone sat down by the fire. Calin held Jennifer's hand as they sat down. Jennifer wished she knew if she wanted to stay with Bradley in the past or go home. Calin. Where did he fit in?

"What do you wish for, my Dear?" asked Manolito.

Megan smiled. "A peaceful world. To go home."

"Home? Where is home? Manolito asked.

"America." Megan wasn't sure what else ro say.

"You mean that land where the English people leave this preciuos England for?" Manolito asked.

"Yes but don't tell anyone. The people my friend Jennifer stay with think we are from London."

"Your secret is safe withme, Princess. Why don't you be my gypsy Princess? I am Prince of the Gypsies."
Manolito got up and bowed and danced. Megan laughed. He sit back down and pushed the hair away from her face. He leaned towards her for a kiss and her friends Angel, Grethen, Vicki and Bill watched. Jennifer was about ready to kiss Calin when the fire went out. Megan and Jennifer disappeared!

Megan was back at her job in the present at the County Home and Jennifer was next to her.

"I want some cough syrup." Donnie, one of the patients said.

"Oh, crap, Jennifer! We are back in the present! I want to go back!" Megan was ready to cry.

"I know. Me, too. Just then Jennifer's roommate, Jenny was there. "Where have you been? You need to go to work. Why didn't you call? Everyone is so worried."

"I was ready to kiss Gerard Butler! Life is so cruel! I don't want to be here. Jane! Help!" Jennifer passed out.

Megan was home with her husband. "Where have you been? Are you leaving me? What did I do wrong?" Her husband Damon looked so heart broken.

"You didn't do anything wrong. I have been in the past with Jane Austen and my friends. I love you and miss you. Just hold me."

"I love you, too but you sound like you are having a break down. You need to stay at the mental health place you work at for a few days. Damon hugged Megan and she started to cry.

Just then a clap of thunder was heard and Megan and Jennifer were back by the camp fire. The fire was lit again and Manolito was holiding Megan and Calin was hugging Jennifer.

Megan excused herself and Jennifer left Calin to talk to Megan. "What was that all about? We were back at Willow Oaks at work and then I was with Damon. Donnie was asking for cough syrup, for crap sake."

"I know. Jenny was telling me it was time to go to work. Oh, Megan, we were home for awhile but we aren't ready to go home. That is why we came back."

"I know. This is really an adventure. I have two men plus my husband and you have two men. What are we going to do?"

"Megan, Dear we have to decide to go home or stay here but we have unfinished business here and this could take awhile."

"I know. Right now, let's enjoy our new men. This won't last forever but I don't want to miss a minute."

Jennifer went to be with Calin and Megan went to be with Manolito. She let him kiss her and Jennifer was kissing Calin. Someday, this would just be a memory. Leo and Johhny Depp? Close enough. Life in the past was good.

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