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Rated: 13+ · Chapter · Fantasy · #1733851
We finally find out what and who was stalking Marcie and Fritz on the beach.
         He walked through the night back to the den where everyone else was either passed out and sleeping or still up and partying. That was his life, party by night, by day sleep or eat, not much of anything really. Then again there was always stalking people, but not too many of them did that, unless they had caught a scent that they liked. There were two kinds of vampires in the world, Stalkers (or trackers if you prefer) and Springers (those who spring on anyone who seems most attractive at the time). “Hey Youngblood, where were you all day?” One of the others asked.

         “None of your business Castor,” he answered.

         “You sure? You’ve never been able to go hunting alone since you started hanging out with us,” Castor remarked.

         “Yes I’m sure and if you just leave me the hell alone that would be wonderful,” he walked off to the kitchen and grabbed a bottle of beer from the fridge.

         “Hey, Eli grab me one too,” a female voice came up behind him and stroked his shoulder.

         “Not in the mood Victoria, besides you a bloody slut either way,” He hissed at her.

         “Sorry, Eli she’s a little drunk,” Lillith Cervantes, Eli’s favourite took Victoria by the wrist and dragged her away. He liked Lillith the most because she left him alone when he told her to and was always there to get rid of the annoyances. He liked her company, mainly because she was quiet talented at learning to play musical instruments and she could act quiet well. A lot of the time they just sat and talked about things. However, tonight Eli wanted to see someone else.

         The girl was suddenly always on his mind. For some reason or another he couldn’t shake her image or scent. It was almost as if she had burned herself into his mind. I’m a fool, something must be wrong for me to be attached to a mortal like this. Taking his beer he went to his solitary room. No one was allowed in except Lillith, everyone else had to ask and usually he said no. There was really no reason for them to be in his room. Sitting down on his bed he put his drink on his bed side table and he pulled his shirt off. It was hot that day; though he was technically dead he still felt the heat. “Hey, Eli?” Lillith peeked her head around the door on his topless figure sitting on the bed.

         “Hello Lillith, what’s up?” He asked looking up.

         “Not much I figured I’d better get Victoria out of your hair seeing as the guys already gave you a hard time when you came in,” She came in and settled down on the floor in front of him as she always did. This bothered him sometimes because it was almost as if she thought he was too good for her.

         “Thanks, I was about to knock her out. I mean really she’s such a skank sometimes,” he answered swinging his legs up on to his bet and lying on his back to stare at the ceiling. Lillith moved to sit by his feet.

         “Sometimes?” she replied raising an eyebrow.

         “Nice,” he laughed roughly taking another swig from his bottle.  They stayed like that for a little while in silence, Lillith started to trace patterns on his shins.

         Should I tell her or will she just laugh at me? He asked himself before he actually did anything. “Lily, I think I have a problem,” He began.

         “Oh? Well you do know you’re a few years older than me so I don’t know how I can help you but I’ll try,” She answered stopping what she was doing.

         “Okay well I’m kind of getting attached to this mortal couple. Well mostly the girl and I don’t know why. I mean before this I’ve always been able to do the job cleanly without any questioning of myself. Now it’s like… like I’m in some sort of trance,” He explained. Lillith’s eyes grew bigger within the span of seconds.

         “Um…Dude I don’t think that’s a good thing. I mean you could be getting close to the end or something,” She blurted out frantically crawling up the bed along the wall to sit by his side.

         “What? Lily, I don’t think we have an end I mean look at Dimitri Lovelock he’s two hundred and fifty,” he answered blankly.

         “Why don’t you go and talk to him then?” she asked.

         “I don’t know I mean I never really liked they guy. He’s so… stuck up. I guess all these years haven’t gotten rid of his rich teenager attitude,” he answered.

         “Eli you were what 19 when you got changed… you were also a teenager,” She answered.

         “It was a day before my birthday how could that possibly count as still being 19?”  he complained.

         “True but still, I’m right aren’t I?” she asked.

         “Yes, but I don’t see how he could possibly know more about this kind of thing, I mean really he’s so secluded it isn’t funny,” he sat up.

         “Okay but he does know more than you think,” she said standing up. “Please just go talk to him… or at least think about it.” She left closing the door behind her. Eli flopped back down on his bed and rolled onto his stomach. Lying there he finished off his beer and reached for his black book. Typical to most men’s black books he had phone numbers in it. Flipping though the book he found Lovelock’s number. He’s such a fustian little snot, why would I ask him for help? Eli tossed the book aside and kicked his shoes off. There was no sense in keeping them on seeing as he would be there for a while.

         A lot of the time Eli was out and about. He didn’t like sticking around with the gang too long, partly because a lot of them got drunk before mid day and spent the rest of their day disposing of the contents in their stomach. You see when your dead you’re not technically supposed to drink or eat anything. I mean you can but it’s an unpleasant experience, especially if you ate something. At least if you drank the worst you could get is a full bladder and have to run to the washroom to relieve yourself of an abundance of fluid that usually came out exactly as it was when it went in.

         He laid there a bit sleepy with the alcohol. So I could call him or whatever and ask what you’re supposed to do if you become attached to a mortal figure. Or I could just go on stalking the poor girl and her boy friend and have to deal with possibly going mad. It’s a toss up really. He thought to himself as he laid there.


         Marcie and Fritz where just pulling into his driveway when his dad came out of the house. Fritz slowly got out of the truck.  “Fritz is Marcie with you?” he didn’t sound too happy.

         “Ah yeah why, what’s up?” he asked a little worried.

         “Your sister is missing. We got a call from her friend and she said that Lora had left with some guy,” he said.

         “What?” he exclaimed.

         “I wouldn’t mind the back up, but I see Marcie here isn’t looking on the bright side of things so if you wanted to stay with her that’s fine. But it would be nice to have your help,” he said. Fritz nodded, Marcie got out of the truck as well, he walked over to her and hugged her.

         “Marcie, do you mind staying here with my mom or coming along. I know I said I wouldn’t leave you alone but this is important. Lora could be in a lot of trouble and I’ve got to help her,” He whispered to her.

         “Fritz, its fine I’ll come along and sit in the back. Besides you might need me,” she sighed.

         “Are you sure? You look tired,” he answered.

         “I am but your sister is the more important thing right now,” she answered.

         “I want you to stay then, go ahead and lay down in my bed till I get back, we shouldn’t be long and I’ll text you when I can to keep you posted?” he replied.

         “Okay if you’re sure, I mean, I could use you right now but your sister needs you more. Um, are you sure your parents will be okay with that?” she asked looking over at his father.

         “Marcie your welcome anytime,” he answered.

         “Okay thanks,” Marcie smiled slightly going into Fritz’s house. She always loved the way it smelled when you first walked in. Fritz’s mom greeted her in the entry way.

         “Is Fritz not coming in for a minute?” she asked. Marcie could tell that she had been crying.

         “No he’s going with his dad to find Lora,” Marcie answered dropping her bag on the floor. “Um, can I tell you something?”

         “Sure what is it Marcie?” she asked.

         “Well you see my grandpa is really sick and I’m scared for him. I think this is the end for him,” Marcie sighed sniffling a little.

         “Oh Marcie, I’m so sorry. You know your welcome here anytime,” she gave Marcie a hug. Marcie nodded and wiped the tears away from her eyes. “Go on up to Fritz’s room, I’m sure that’s what he’s told you to do. However as soon as Fritz get’s back I’m checking on you two every hour.” His mom shook her finger at her jokingly.

         “Thanks,” Marcie smiled and pulled off her shoes before she went up to his room. She changed into her pyjamas and got settled in his bed. She loved the way his pillow smelt when she was over. She laid there facing the door waiting for him to get back from saving his sister; her phone was in her pocket.

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