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by Kaboom
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My words to my soon to be ex husband.
I used to think you were the one but now I finally see
That just because I bore your son doesn't mean you're right for me
I used to sit at home and cry You made me feel so dumb
But now I'm holding my head high and I'm dancing to my own drum
There always was a part of me you weren't able to tame
You thought that you could just control me I WON'T BE CONTAINED!
Your cockiness and arrogance have totally blinded you
From seeing that you can't stop me from starting life anew
I know you'll always pop up in my life to give me hell
You'll do just what you always do You'll carry on scream and yell
I have already moved on I suggest you do the same
You need to find someone who's fine with taking all the blame
I don't know what you want from me nor do I really care
I just need you to go away and stay out of my hair
Get a life and get a girl or vice versa please
You need to stay out of my life Put both our minds at ease
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