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Just Something that describes me.and me life. and how i feel.
As the day shines by,
And the morning dew goes.
I say my farwell to my surroundings,
And make my Mind go blank.
Into my thoughts,
I stare deeply.

Round and round,
Deeper and deeper.
I plunge into an unknown territory,
Not know either cause nor effect.
Learning thought by thought.
Entering non-stop world.
Opening the door to a new begining.
Choosing my words,
I speak slowly.
Choosing my actions,
I move carefully.
I hear my heart pounding,
I feel my mind racing.
I see the stars in the sky fly,
I hear the laughter in my ear get louder.

Snapping back to reallity,
I realise it was all in my mind.
I try to get back on track,
but no matter what I cannot forget.
What it felt like,
With a new start.
But that won't happen.
I won't forget.
I'll just keep remember the secrets,
That I have burried from myself.

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