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For the Dear Me: New Year Resolution. I hope you all like it as much as I did writing it.
Dear thousandmasks,

For the new year of 2011, I'd like to tell you all about my newest fads. Since I'm still a young person, goals are vital for my growth. For one, I really want to stimulate my ENTIRE brain. Recently, I took a brain quiz and it's result said that my right side of my brain isn't working as hard as it could. No, it's quite behind with the regular class. Maybe, that's why I flunked math.

Anyway, another thing that I want to accomplish is, . . . I want a boyfriend. That may seem cheesy and desperate, but I really do. I'm a loner geek who hates touching and affectionate publicism. So, this goal may be superficial and cliche. But I've wanted a mate for my soul for a time now.

My last resolution is to avoid public and disastrious humiliation. This goal is pretty self-explanatory. My life is constructed of two faces. Blushy and red. You see, dear Writing.com, I am always red. And my blush, well, it's like an oven that has a velvet cake in it. That's pretty hot/flushed/fiery red.

Thanks thousandmasks for listening to me go on and on. You've been a real lifesaver. Now, if you could do my math homework, I'd love you forever. Again, thanks.

Signed with Obvious Vigor and Unflagging Devotion,
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