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Contest entry for inspirations jan/feb for prompt; brittle branches now remain
The Storm

The skies darkened
the wind blew,
and the rain fell.
But I took no notice….
I was under a spell.
I was mesmorized by the storm that was blowing thru,
the storm being you.
The beauty of you is what captivated me.
I paid no attention to the possible havoc
that you could cause me.
At the time I did not care.
All I wanted was to be near you,
my common sense was impaired.
Had I known what damage you would do,
I would have taken cover,
and prayed to God that he would save me from you.
But I was too stupid or too naïve to see the truth.
And now that you’re gone
and the skies have cleared,
I see the damage you have done;
and it is worse than I feared.
My heart, that you blew clean thru,
is not the place that I once knew.
My garden, my trees, and my flowers
I so painstakingly planted
are now all swept away.
Nothing except the brittle branches now remain.
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