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Where do you fly when you need to escape?
    When I begin to feel the heavy weight centered upon my chest, ever present and always reminding me of my melancholy, I look for a way to go home. I look to leave this hard, fast-paced, snow-laden state and fly to the place I know is home despite my few hours actually spent there. I just want to feel the white sand of Atrani’s beach drift carelessly, playfully through my fingers and toes as I play in the sand. I want to smell the salty air and watch the brilliant sun’s reflection dance on the ocean’s waves. I cannot wait to see the sun-kissed people of the Amalfi coast go about their daily duties in town and seeing the children run about the streets chasing each other.
    When my chest is heavy with the burden my silly heart has brought upon it, I want to break free from the prison that is my body and wade into the waters of the Mediterranean forgetting those I’ve cared for and all that had happened between us. I want to forget the tears, moments of uncertainty, minutes of arguments and hours of regret. Instead I want to bathe in the warmth of those caresses, kisses and loving looks. I want to have back the boy-man that I grew to care for so much.
    I don’t know why I chose him except that there was something very different about him that I didn’t find in others. When happiness found him and held him for a bit there lingering on his smiling lips was the look of secrecy. He’s like a high security safe. Everything I want to know is locked up within him and I don’t have the code. I don’t know what can bring back his smile. If I did I wouldn’t be feeling like absolute crap now.
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