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A story about love through sex.
         They were watching a TV show on a regular Saturday night. They had enjoyed a quiet but emotionally heavy dinner. He had divulged a lot of information about his childhood and had looked for her comfort on the matter. This had not happened for such a long time. With this small but important change in their evening their love for each other had revived and was alive inside their hearts. For them it manifested in a different form that night.
He lay across his bed and she was seated right under him with her back to the bed. A placement of their bodies that had occurred once long ago. A placement that was the beginning of them. A placement that had started the sexual cycle that would lead to their inevitable demise. Right now, none of that matter, not the past or the future they did not see. What mattered was the very peaceful silence that was lingering in the room, and the feeling of want that was already clearly within the two of them.
         He brought down his arms, and pulled her up to him and laid her parallel to him across the bed so he could look into her eyes. They both stared at each other for a moment. This was not the first time they had been so close, but something about the whole night had suddenly caused her to panic internally. The warmth he had around him was not just heat, it was an emotional surge that went right into her, and her heart started to steadily beat.
On any other night, there would be music and a very thought out production of the evening inside both of their minds. Sex for them was fun, like a favorite childhood past time activity. They had their routine always well planned, if not out loud it was set in their minds. Tonight, it was not about music, it was not about who would start first and how, it was not about sex at all. Tonight it was about the two of them becoming a part of one another, it was about making love. They did not even realize it yet, but that’s what was going to happen.
         He began to gently kiss her and would not let her go. He kept her in his arms the whole time. He moved her underneath him, but he never let his lips move from hers. It was the first time in a long time that the both of them had become aroused from just kissing. Their bodies were wrapped up in each other like a human knot. It was like they were lying together on a field, laughing and talking and not caring about responsibility.
Very smoothly, both their bodies and minds worked together. She took his pants off, he took hers off. He began to feel her skin with his fingers. Moving inch by inch across her chest, down her stomach to feel and read her body. He then began to kiss her chest and move all the way down to her hips. He did not need to move any lower. She was ready for him.
         She could have fallen under coma that night and if she never woke up, it would feel like living in her dream world forever. He lay her down on the bed and entered her. As he did so, he picked her up and wrapped her in his arms. Nothing else in the world mattered at that moment. All she did was feel, all over her body. She felt his energy go through her like warm water was coursing through her veins. It was like a numbing feeling, her arms and legs were not under her control anymore. At the same time she felt so light that she could float off the bed at any moment. She was under his complete and total seduction.
         Once he let go of her, he began to kiss her profusely. It was as if she would die at any moment and the only way to prove his love was through his kiss. He lay back down on his bed, and once again placed her in front of him, but this time her back was to him. He spread the covers on top of them both, placing his arms around her. He turned her head to him one last time. He looked at her straight into her eyes. He wiped the tears coming down from them and said in a low whisper, “I love you.”
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