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using my god given talent for pleasure and for enjoyment of friends,family,and fans
musicians are right when they say"It all begins with a dream.I've been singing near all my life.I practice everyday and i'm a really good lyricist.At least that's what people tell me all the time.I've been in one Nashville showcase,and several talent shows.I also do karaoke.I have been turned down in nashville alot while trying to get a recording contract because of the way i look.You see i'm not skinny and blonde with a model's body,i am a short,over weight young woman with a god given talent who no-one will give a real chance.So,i just keep practicing and hoping to maybe someday be able to be good enough to make my dreams come true.Until then i'm looking to join a country music band and go on the road and sing with them to improve my voice more.Because deep down in my heart i know it's what i'm meant to do.I call it fufilling my destiny.God wouldn't have given me such a precious gift if it weren't meant to be used.I use my talent in a very positive way by singing for handicapped people.just to see the smile on thier faces i know it's all been worth it.It fills my heart with warmth just to make someone's day.when my favorite country artist,Garth Brooks said"it's what the music does to me"I believe it to be so very true.That's why i want my friends,my family and especially my fans to feel the way i do when i sing.It's a feeling i just can't describe.it's a never ending love.That's why it means everything to me and i will not let anything or anyone stop me from using my god given gift.
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