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A dismissed Ranger finds a price on her head & sets off to find out why & by whose orders.
Anna walked into the tavern looking around slowly with her dark blue eyes. She smiled as she took a seat at the bar counter. The bartender looked at her as he was wiping a glass clean.
            “Anna, there’s some one waiting for you upstairs in the room on the right.”  The bartender said.
            “Thanks Jonas.” Anna replied as she headed up the stairs.
            Anna opened the door revealing a small bedroom and inside the room stood a man with short brown hair looking out the window. The man turned to face Anna.
“Marcus, what in the nine hells are you doing here on the edge of the Wastelands?” Anna asked as she put her arms around him.
            “I wanted to warn you.” He answered as he hugged her back.
            “Warn me of what? Anna asked as she backed away slowly not wanting to let go.   
“There’s word in the market place, that some one has put a price on your head.” Marcus answered looking out the window.
            “Oh.” Was all that Anna managed to say to him, she stood there looking at him, wondering if he was lying to her.
            She looked at him and said, “Why me? I’m not doing any harm out here.”
            “But you could, you still have the mark of leadership. And because of that, I think, is why you have a price on your head.” Marcus said.
            Anna moved her shirt slightly to look at the mark on her right shoulder. The mark formed an eye, which appeared to be looking everywhere, but also appeared to be looking straight ahead. Anna sighed as she covered it up.
            “So, now what do you plan to do, now that you’ve warned me?” Anna asked.
            “Head back to the city. I took three days leave to come here.” Answered Marcus as he headed toward the door.
            “So, I guess you joined the Rangers?” Anna asked. Marcus nodded as he headed downstairs. Anna followed him and gave him a kiss on the lips as he walked out the door into the night. Anna walked back up to the bar counter.
“When does the next trader caravan leave for the city” Asked Anna.
            “It’s leaving in a couple of hours, the leader is your Cousin”, the bartender replied without looking up.
            At the table sat a couple of mean looking guys. One of the guys has his hair in a pony tail and an earring hanging from his right ear. At the end of the earring hung the mark of the Trades Guild, which is shaped like a small globe. They appeared to be looking at a map. Anna walked over to the table slowly.
            “Do you have room for one more person?” Anna asked.
            “Depends on who it is and why they want a ride.” Anna’s cousin asked.
            “Well, Shaun the answers to both questions are, I’m your cousin.” Anna answered smiling. Shaun stood up and hugged her, and then sat back down.
            “Well, in that case I guess we can take you to the city, right?” Shaun asked smiling. Anna nodded as she sat down.
            “Anna, this is Gabe, he’s the guy who hired me to transport his stuff to the city. Gabe this is my cousin Anna.” Shaun said as he folded up the map.
            “Nice to meet you, we’ll leave in a couple of hours?” Gabe asked as he got up. Shaun nodded as he took a sip from a glass of water.
            “So, why do you need a ride back to the city?” Shaun asked looking into her eyes.
            “Some one put a price on my head.” Answered Anna.
            “And you plan to collect it yourself, is that it?” Shaun replied laughingly.
            “Something like that.” Anna said coldly. Shaun stood up followed by Anna and headed outside. They walked over to a group of wagons. Shaun hopped into the back of the lead and helped Anna get into it.
            “Let’s roll out.” He said to the driver. The drive nodded and pulled the reins making the horses move. Anna looked out the back of the wagon wondering what would happen next in her life. She sighed and then slowly closed her eyes.
           “Hey sleepy head wake up.” Shaun said poking Anna’s shoulder. Anna slowly opened her eyes looking around.
            “Are we there?” She asked rubbing the sleep from her eyes. Shaun nodded as he hopped out of the wagon. Anna hopped out looking around seeing that they were inside of the city wall.
            “Thanks Shaun. I owe you big time.” Anna said as she walked off into the night.
            She walked inside of a busy tavern. She smiled looking around glad to be home, then walked up to the bar counter.
            “Barkeep, I need to rent a room for a few nights.” She shouted over the noise. The barkeep tossed her a key, which she caught easily. She looked at the key to see what room it belonged to. On the key the number 28 was inscribed. She smiled as she headed upstairs to room 28. She used the key to unlock the door and then pushed it open. She walked into the small bedroom looking around. She then lay down on the bed and fell asleep. A few hours later she woke up to the sun coming in through the window. She stood up looking around the room. She headed down stairs look around the now empty tavern before heading out side.
            Right as she stepped outside she smiled glad to be home again. She headed over to Nakhon Kasem, home of the majority of merchants and traders in the city. She smiled looking around feeling at home. She went from booth to booth looking at the goods and people. She walked up to a booth that had pots and pans for sell. Before she could speak, she felt the tip of a knife pressing against her back. Her eyes went wide in fear.
            “Do not move or this knife will be in you.”
            Anna nodded as she looked out the corner of her eyes. All she could see from that was that her attacker was wearing a dark green cloak with the hood up covering his or her face. She quickly turned around bringing her foot up to her attacker’s face. Her attacker was caught off guard pulling the knife away from Anna’s back. The kick knocked the attacker to the ground causing the other shoppers and merchants to back away from the fight.
            Anna knelt down beside her attacker and pulled back the hood revealing a young girl, who appeared to be about the age of 17 or 18. The girl opened her eyes wide with fear, shocking Anna into moving far enough away to let the girl get up and run off with a bruise on her face from the kick.
            Anna slowly stood up looking around. She stood there thinking, I should have expected this sooner or later.
            “Turn around slowly keeping your hands where we can see them.”
            Anna slowly turned around facing the speaker.
            “Major Locke.” The speaker was wearing the all black tunic and cloak of the Rangers, he saluted her. She smiled recognizing the person.
            “Easy Adema, I’m no longer your commander, nor am I in the Rangers.” Anna said looking him in the eyes. Adema nodded and grinned.
            “So, why are you here?” Adema asked.
            “Some one put a price on my head and I plan to find out who did it.” Anna answered.
Adema nodded and said, “Think we should reassemble your squad and help out?”
            Anna shook her head saying, “No Thanks. I can do it myself.”
            “Okay, but if you ever need help you’ll know where to find me and be careful, we’ve been ordered to report sightings of you.” Adema said as he walked off.
         Anna stood there watching him walk off and then headed toward an old hang out of hers called, Dragon’s Breath. She walked inside looking around taking everything in. The familiar sights and sounds of comrades and friends getting drunk came back to her mind quickly. She smiled to herself as she sat down at the table near the fire place.
            “I didn’t think you would return to here after your sister threw you out of the Rangers and city.” Some one said from the bar counter.
Anna looked at the bar counter trying to find the speaker.
            “Who ever you are, turn around and face me or keep your mouth closed, unless you wish for me to cut your tongue out.” Anna said causing the whole tavern to turn and look at her. The speaker stood up from the barstool removing the cloak that covered her face.
            “You should use more respect when addressing your superiors, Major Locke.” Zoe said as she stood up.
            Anna took her hand away from the handle of the dagger as she said, “Last time we talked I was higher ranking than you Zoe.”
Seeing that there wouldn’t be a fight, the rest of the people in the tavern went back to their own drinks and foods.
            “Well, once you sister became the leader, she made me in charge of the Rangers, giving me the rank of major.” Zoe answered.
            “How did you know that I was back in city?” Anna asked as she sat down next to Zoe.
            “Well there was the incident in Nakhon Kasem earlier this morning, that Adema told me about.” Zoe answered quickly smiling.
            “Oh, have you reported me to my sister?” Anna asked worriedly.
            “No, but I did say that there was a sighting of some one who does look like you in the Nakhon Kasem area, but nothing more has turned up.” Zoe answered.
            “Then what do you plan to do with me.” Asked Anna.
            “Well, I could kill you and get the money, or help you get rid of your sister or I could just take you to your sister and get a reward of some sort.” Zoe said sharply.
            Anna laughed as she said, “I could always kick your ass, so unless you have an army with you, you won’t be taking me anywhere.”
            Zoe laughed as she nodded, “True, so what’s the plan?”
            “Any idea about who may have put the price on my head?” Anna asked turning serious once more.
            “Marcus or at least he was ordered to do it by Alexis.” Zoe answered.
            “Why?” Anna asked hoping to find the truth.
            “You remember the raiders from a few years ago?” Anna nodded as Zoe went on.
            “Well, they’re back and Alexis thinks you’re behind it.” Zoe finished saying.
            “I haven’t even heard anything about the raiders since I was exiled.” Anna said.
            “I believe you, but Alexis won’t listen to me.” Zoe answered as she stood up to leave. Anna followed her out in the city. They started to head toward the Ranger Headquarters.
            “Why are we going here?” Anna asked.
            “Safest place in the city. Alexis knows that this place is off limits to her unless, me or Marcus give her reason.” Zoe opened the door slowly.
            “Why Marcus and not just you?” Anna asked as she shut the door behind her.
            “I think Marcus is planning something with her, and so she granted him the same rank as me.” Zoe answered angrily.
            “To be honest, I think Marcus is the one in charge of the raiders, because he showed up after the incidents.” Zoe said thoughtfully.
            “Where is everyone?” Anna asked looking around.
            Zoe looked around as she said, “I don’t know, this place is normally packed right about now.” Zoe then pulled out her dagger soon followed by Anna pulling out her own.
            “Drop the weapons.” Marcus said as he walked into the room followed by five other rangers, one of them being Adema. They all had their own weapons out incase any trouble started. Anna and Zoe slowly put away their daggers.
            “What the hell are you doing here Marcus; you were supposed to be with Alexis.” Zoe asked looking at the rangers he brought with him.
            “I figured that Anna would come back to the city to find out who had put the price on her head. So, I told Alexis and since you two were good friends; I figured that it would only be a matter of time before you were together. Adema confirmed that you were in the city for me too.” Marcus said as the rangers behind him pulled out rope and started to move behind Anna and Zoe.
            “You stupid traitor. You sold me out.” Anna yelled at Adema as her hands were tied together.
            Marcus came up to Anna and slapped her across the face.
            “Adema will be awarded the star of honor for helping in the capture of the Raiders leader.” Marcus said.
            “That’s a lie Marcus and you know it. And on what grounds am I being arrested?” Zoe asked.
            “Giving information to the leader of the Raiders.”  Adema said. Zoe said nothing but stood there seething with contempt.
            “Take the two prisoners to the city jail.” Marcus said to Adema. Adema and the other rangers started to push Zoe and Anna out the door.
            “What’s in it for you?” Anna asked.
            “Taking down the Raiders leadership.” Adema answered.
            “What proof does Marcus and Alexis have that I’m leader?” Anna asked while trying to think of someway to get out of this.
            “It’s not my job to provide proof, you know that. Now shut up.” Adema answered. Anna and Zoe were lead out into the street by the rangers. There they were put into the back of a wagon with Adema and two other rangers.
            “Sorry about that Anna. But with Marcus talking to Alexis, I had to make it seem real.” Adema said as he started to untie Anna.
            “So, what is going on?” Zoe asked.
Adema motioned to the other rangers in the back of the wagon with him as he said;” We believe that your innocent and we want to help you bring down Alexis and Marcus.”
            Anna sat there as the wagon came to a stop outside of the jail. Everyone got out of the wagon.
            “Where did Marcus go?” Anna asked while looking around.
            “He took a patrol to go see about a raider camp.” Adema replied.
            “What does he plan to accomplish by doing that?” Zoe asked Adema.
            “I have no idea, but after you two are put in jail, we’re supposed head back to the Ranger house for a general assembly; but I don’t know what it could be about.” Adema answered.
            “Then do that and we’ll head over to Nakhon Kasem, and see about hiding out with my cousin Shaun.” Anna said.
Adema and the other rangers nodded as they took the wagon back toward the Ranger house while Anna and Zoe headed toward Nakhon Kasem.

         They walked up to another wise unremarkable house. Anna knocked on the door looking around to see if they had been followed by anyone. The opened an inch and Shaun’s eyes looked at them.
         "Oh, it’s you two." Shaun said as he opened the door to let them in.
They walked in looking around taking seats in front of the fire place.
         "Shaun, we need a place to stay." Anna said.
         "I kind of figured that after hearing about your arrest for crimes against the state." Shaun said as he sat at the table near the fire place.
         "It should only be for a few days, besides who’s your favorite cousin?" Anna said with a smirk on her face.
         "Anna your my only cousin." He replied with an annoyed look on his face.
         "What’s your point so, can we stay or not?" Anna said looking into his eyes.
         "It's a good thing I'm going to be out with a trade caravan for a couple of days, otherwise I would say no." Shaun said as he stood up to take his cloak off the hook by the door. He then hugged Anna before heading out the door and closing it behind him.
         “Now what do we do?” Zoe asked as she sat down. Anna shrugged her shoulders as she headed into one of the two bedrooms of the house. As she was laying down on the bed, she stared up at the ceiling thinking, I wonder if Marcus was the one that put the price on my head. She then closed her eyes drifting off to sleep.
         She woke up to the sound of laugher coming from the living/dinning area of the small house. She quickly got dressed and headed into the room to find Zoe laughing at something that Adema had said.
         “Good morning.” Adema said to her as he stood up to leave.
         “Morning, where are you off to this early?” Anna answered him as she sat down next to Zoe.
         “Back to the Ranger house, before they do roll call.” Replied Adema as he left the house. Anna got up and moved to where Adema had been sitting.
         “Did he tell you what the meeting was about?” Anna asked Zoe.
         “Marcus plans a house to house search of the entire Nakhon Kasem area and Alexis has issued the following order: that you are either to be taken alive or dead.” Zoe said.
         “What about you?” Anna asked.
         “My name wasn’t even brought up.”  Zoe answered quickly.
         “I wonder why.” Anna said while looking out the window.
         “Marcus didn’t know, but he wasn’t able to ask Alexis.” Zoe said.

         Anna stood up and started to head toward the door. She took her cloak off the hook by the door and looked back toward Zoe.
         “You coming with me?” She asked as her hand cradle the door knob.
         “What are you planning to do?” Zoe asked as she stood up.
         “I’m not going to stay here and hide. I’m going to find out why Alexis has suddenly decided that I’m a threat and; what if anything this has to do with the raiders.” Anna replied as she opened the door.
         “Well, I recommend heading up to the raiders’ camp and take a look around there.” Zoe said as she put on her cloak.
         Anna nodded as she headed out the door pulling the hood of the cloak over her head. Zoe followed her closing and locking the door behind them.
         “But first we need some sort of transportation.” Anna said looking around.
         “How about taking Shaun’s private wagon?” Zoe said as she pointed at it.
Anna nodded as she headed over it and petted the horse as Zoe climbed up onto the seat. Anna climbed up next to her and looked into the back of it, finding several swords and other weapons.
         “Do you know what Shaun is doing with all of these weapons?” Anna asked Zoe.
         Zoe answered with a shake of her head as she got the horse and wagon moving.
         What could Shaun be doing with so many weapons; Anna thought to her self as they headed out of the city. He can’t be a smuggler could he, running weapons for the Raiders? Anna shook that last thought away with by moving out of the back of the wagon to sit next to Zoe.
         “Turn here.” Anna said point to the right where a pat headed deeper into the forest. Zoe nodded as she caused the horse to pull the wagon to the right. As soon as they pulled off the main road, they were surround by several people wearing dark green cloaks and holding swords.
         “Well, what do we have here?” one of them spoke as he stepped forward.
         “We’ve come with your supplies.” Anna answered looking at the one who spoke.
         “So, Shaun sent you did he, well prove it by telling us the name of his cousin.” The apparent leader said.
         “Her name is Anna and I’m his cousin.” She answered as she got down off the wagon
         “So you’re the one that everyone wants dead.” The leader said smirking as he looked around at his companions.
         “We’ve come to ask you about that.” Zoe said as she hopped down next to Anna.
         “And what makes you think we’d tell the two of you anything?” He said looking at them both.
         “We can get you gold if that’s what it will take.” Anna answered.
         “Deal, but I’ll name the price after I know what you want exactly and by the way my name is Sol.” Sol said as he motioned for a couple of his men to take the horse and wagon. He then motioned for everyone else to head back to the camp.
         “What information we seek is why are you attacking caravans again after so many years and what does this have to with a price on my head?” Anna asked as they come upon a clearing next to a stream that was surrounded by tents of various shapes and sizes.
         “We were hired by someone who for now I’m not going to say the person’s name, to start attacking a few caravans. The person who hired us promised the Rangers wouldn't hassle us. And as for the price on your head, I have no clue.” Sol said as he went into his tent. The tent was a modest size, with enough room for a table and some chairs and a bed.
         “Sir, he’s here.” A voice said from outside of the tent.
         “You two should go now.” Sol said as he headed toward the entrance of the tent.
         They went out of the tent thru a side entrance.
         “If he thinks I’m leaving….” Anna said as she stayed close enough to hear everything from inside the tent.

         “Welcome back Marcus. We’ve gotten a new shipment of weapons.” Sol said to Marcus as he reached out to shake his hand.
         “I saw that, are we ready to go into the city?” Marcus asked as he shook Sol’s hand.
         “And Alexis is fine with this?” Sol asked looking at Marcus.
         “Yes, with her naming her sister an enemy of the state, she’s preparing to disband and arrest all of the rangers as befriending a known criminal of the state. This means that we will be tasked with keeping the peace.” Marcus answered as he pulled out a map of the city; and rolled out on the table.
         “So, how much gold is in this for us?” Sol asked.
         “Well at least one million after that it depends on if we find Anna or not.” Marcus replied grinning.
         “You’ve already arrested her cousin right?” Sol asked looking up from the map.
         “We did last night as he was leaving the city for the wastelands.” Marcus answered without looking up.

Anna quickly walked away from the tent heading thru the woods back to the wagon as to not be seen.
         “How fast can we spread the message?” Anna asked Zoe.
         “Once we get back into city, it shouldn’t take very long at all. But what message?” She asked following Anna.
         “A call to arms, let them know what we’ve heard.” Anna said as she hopped into the now empty wagon.
         “And what do you plan to do?” Zoe asked looking at her.
         “Visit my dear sister.” Anna replied as she got the wagon moving.
As they came up to the city wall Anna hopped off the wagon looking around to make sure no one saw her.
         “I’ll have to find my own way in, you know what to do. So good luck and thanks for everything.” Anna said.
         Zoe looked at Anna and then saluted her saying “Good luck to us all.”
Anna returned the salute nodding. She then watched as Zoe entered the city. She then looked around wondering to herself, now how do I get in. She started walking wondering what she was going to say to Alexis once she go to her. Soon she came upon a tree that stood about 20 feet high. She jumped up grabbing a hold of the lowest branch and pulled her self up. She kept climbing until he was even with the wall. She then jumped form the tree landing on the city wall. She then looked around to make sure no one had seen her. Satisfied that she had not been seen she jumped to a nearby roof top and started to make her way to the Ranger’s head quarters. She was almost there when she looked down and saw Marcus walking with Sol at his side heading in the same direction she was going. She stood there wondering if she should drop down and surprise both of them or keep going. She decided to follow them using the roof tops to keep out of sight. She kept as close to the edge as possible without being seen.
         “You really think that she will show up?” Sol asked Marcus.
         “Oh, she’ll show up, I‘m sure of it.” Marcus answered as they headed toward the Ranger house. Soon they came up to the Ranger House and walked in leaving Anna outside on a roof top next to the building. She jumped up onto the roof top of the Ranger house. She then started to look around trying to remember if there was roof access or not. She soon found the trapdoor on the roof. She started to pull it open hoping that no one was down below guarding the ladder. Upon seeing that the there was no one she dropped down to the floor. She then opened the door checking to see if there was anyone outside of the room. She walked out of the room and headed toward the main meeting hall, where she figured everyone would be at. She was not disappointed; as she got closer to the room she could hear the angry voices of the other Rangers. She stopped just outside of the room to listen to what was going on.
“Disband us? What power could she hold that would disband us?” asked one voice.
“None, but I do have that power,” Marcus answered.
“On what grounds?” said a voice that she recognized as Ademas’.
“The Rangers are being disbanded until we can root out those who are in league with the criminal Anna. Any who do not hand over their weapons or uniforms will be charged with helping her overthrow Alexis,” Marcus replied.
He continued, “Last time I checked, it took both of the highest ranking Rangers to disband us.”
“Since Zoe has decided to join with Anna in her plot, she is no longer a Ranger. And with that in mind, I have already selected a second.”
As he spoke, Sol boldly stepped up next to him.
“As of now the Rangers no longer exist,” Sol stated, looking around at everyone. Everyone in the crowd began to murmur as they slowly took the cloaks that signified them as Rangers. However a few in the back kept their cloaks on.
Sol saw this and queried, “You there, why do you not take off your cloak?”
“Your authority is a sham that we refuse to recognize,” Zoe answered triumphantly as she turned to face them.
“And who is we?” Marcus asked slowly moving toward them.
         Adema slowly pulled back his hood, revealing his face. "We know of your deal with the raiders." Adema paused briefly "and your plans."
      Sol looked at them and laughed. "It's too late for you to do anything." He replied with a sneer, "My men are already moving through the city.”

At the city gates a man walked up to the ranger standing guard and pulled out a document. The ranger read it silently and then handed it back saying “What the hell is going on?”
            “I don’t know any more than you.” The man replied as the ranger opened the gate and handed over his cloak and sword. The same scene acted itself out across the city, wherever a ranger was posted with little variation.

         As Anna moved to keep going down the hallway, she felt the tip of a dagger in her back.                                                                      “Keep your hands where I can see them dear sister” Came a voice from behind her.
         Anna slowly raised her hands up turning to face Alexis.
                   “You should have just left me alone.” Anna said defiantly.
                   “I couldn’t do that knowing what I’ve learned. It was too risky.” Alexis said looking back at her sister still pointing the dagger at her.
                   “What do you mean what you’ve learned?” Anna asked thinking of a plan.
                   “I found our father’s plan for who is supposed to be the ruler upon his death.” Alexis said.
                   “You mean...” Anna was shocked by what she had implied.
         “Yes, you’re meant to be in charge of the kingdom.” Alexis admitted grudgingly still pointing the dagger at Anna.
         “So you put a price on my head, hired the raiders and disbanded the Rangers all in an effort to stop me from taking back what should have been rightfully mine to begin with?” Anna asked.
         “Well, it wasn’t just my idea it was also Marcus’. He’s the one who suggest that I put the price on your idea and as for disbanding the Rangers, that was his idea too along with bringing in Sol and the raiders.” Alexis explained as she slowly lowered the dagger.
         Anna started to laugh upon hearing the explanation. “Sol isn’t in charge of the raiders, its Marcus.”

         Back in the large meeting room the raiders entered the room keeping to the doors to make sure no one got out with a weapon.
         “We don’t want anyone getting hurt, so just give up peacefully.” Marcus said looking from Zoe to the rest and then back to her.
         Before Zoe could say anything the main doors opened revealing Anna and Alexis with pissed off expressions on their faces.
         “Good you captured her. Now we can use Anna as an example to those who don’t obey.” Marcus said watching them come down to the podium.
         “Marcus you and your men are to stand down and the Rangers are reinstated as the rightful protectors of the kingdom” Alexis said looking him in the eyes as she came to a stop standing next to him.
         His eyes went wide upon hearing her, his hand moved quickly to the hilt of his sword. But before he could pull it out he found a sword at his throat.
         “I wouldn’t try that if I were you.” Anna said.
          Sol then grabbed Alexis and put his dagger to her neck saying, “Keep away or I slice open her throat.”
         Everyone stood there looking at Sol not making a move but clearly getting ready to.
                   “We didn’t want it to go down this way Alexis.” Marcus said as he pulled out his sword moving toward Sol’s side.
                   “What was your plan?” Anna asked as she slowly waved her hand in a downward motion hoping that Alexis would see it.
                   “You can stop with the hand movements now. The plan was for me to end up running the kingdom.” Marcus said
         Anna cursed under her breath wondering how she was going to get Alexis out alive. Zoe slowly pulled out her best throwing dagger keeping an eye on the guards near her. She knew she only had one chance at this.
         “Why blame me then? You could have easily just killed Alexis.” Anna asked looking into Marcus’ eyes.
         “That was the plan if you hadn’t decided to look into the price on your head.” Marcus replied.
         Zoe got ready to throw the dagger, but before she could let go of it, she was tackled to the ground by one of the guards. As everyone looked up toward them, Alexis swiftly brought her foot up behind her into Sol’s crotch causing him to move the dagger far enough away from her throat for her to drop down to the ground as he moved backward in pain. Marcus turned quickly toward Alexis, but before he could do anything Anna punched him in his jaw knocking him to the ground. She then pulled out her sword pointing it at his face.          
      “You’ve done enough for the kingdom.” Anna said looking down at him.
         “What do you plan to do with me?” Marcus asked not taking his eyes off the blade
         “Well, you’ve attempted high treason and murder.” Alexis said as she slowly stood up pointing her own sword at Sol.
         “But your final fate is left up to the rightful queen.” She continued as she looked over at Anna. Anna looked at her immediately understanding what was implied. Anna stood wondering if she really wanted to become the ruler or if she wanted to return to her home on the edge of the Wasteland staying out of trouble. She laughed to herself realizing that she shouldn’t walk from the kingdom this time.
         “No, the choice is yours; I’ll retake my place as the leader of the Rangers, if you’ll allow me to.” Anna said as she looked at Alexis.
         “Our Father’s wishes were for you to become the queen, not me.” Alexis said as Marcus and the raiders in the meeting room were tied up.
         “I know that now, but I’d prefer to lead the Rangers instead of the kingdom. As for them, the punishment is death.” Anna said looking at both Marcus and Sol.
         Alexis nodded as she said “Then so be it. Anna Locke, you are here by reinstated to the role of leadership in the Rangers along with the required rank by the power and authority of the crown.”
         Anna smiled and said to the others, “Take them away and then arrest the raiders that are in the city.”
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