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Shaundra and Mr. Hardin sign a contract
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The Saddle of her Promise

Shaundra was nervous. Mr. Hardin had summoned her to his office. She knocked on the door.

“Get your ass in here.”

She walked inside, shifting nervously…Damn! she thought, he’s going to send me home.

Manny sat behind a big mahogany desk. The office was sparsely furnished except for a wooden chair and couch in the corner.

The silence became unbearable, “You sent for me?“

He gave her the “idiot” look. “Who the hell else did you think?”

Her eyes flashed.

“Getting a little testy,” he noted… “You defied me last night….I said no more Polish jokes and you went right ahead with another one.”

“You gave conflicting instructions.”

“I remember distinctly, my cock stuck in your twat, saying, ‘Cut the Polish crap…’”

She hung her head…

“I fail to see the conflict."

“Not in those words... but in what you said earlier. You told me to make them laugh…The black jokes weren’t working and I was getting panned.”

He smiled.

“So I took a new approach... Since they weren’t interested in my dumb Sister jokes….I decided trying something different.”

“Like what?”

“Like jokes about people who are sick of being fucked over and decide to swing back".

His jaw dropped.

“All of a sudden all of this shit you've been giving me, started making sense.”

“Oh really….?”

“You aren’t trying to break me down; you’re angling for something else…”

“Please don’t stop…”

“What I mean is, that if you were trying to break me down, this approach would be a dumb-assed way to do it.”

“Would it now?”

“You know exactly what you're doing, Mr. Hardin. All this sex shit is just a big cloud of smoke… and I’m not afraid of your dick.”

“Then what are you afraid of, Shaundra?"

“Whatever it is, you're having one hell of a hard time figuring it out. “


“Then the real reason dawned on me. What you’re after is a woman who can think on her feet and stay focused….someone loyal, who’s not going to fall to pieces when things started turning to shit.”

“You figured this out, all by yourself…?"

“Don’t take that tone,” she snapped, her lower lip starting to quiver.

“Just asking…”

“That's when the light came on; like a religious experience. In the middle of all these crazy sex stunts, it finally registered that you were always right there. If you were trying to throw me down, you'd have been off somewhere else, not down in the dirt next to me…”

“What are saying?”

“I’m your girl Mr. Hardin. Shaundra Morgan is one tough bitch who'll never let you down. If you haven’t figured that out by now, you might as well send me home.”

Manny sat pensively, tapping his pencil…It took awhile before he replied. “If you ever rat me out, two bad things are going to happen. The first is that some high paid mother-fuckers are going to come through that door and shoot me right thought the forehead…and what do you suppose the second is?”

“...They'll be looking for me...”

“You got it,” he replied, making a pistol gesture.

“…Then you know what, Sir? I’m not one damn bit worried, because I'll never, ever, put your white ass in that kind of a crack.”

He walked around the desk and motioned Shaundra to stand up. Putting his hands on her hips they kissed. For a long time he held the young black girl. Then he walked her over to the couch.

“Before we sign this contract you have to understand it contains a life and death clause.”

She began unbuttoning her blouse….He loosened his belt and kicked off his shoes…

“It'll be like being married… but we won’t be.”

She slipped out of her slacks… He removed his tie and unbuttoned his shirt…

“There'll be times when you'll regret the hell out of this decision.”

She lowered her panties and stepped out.

“Your boyfriend or husband will always be wondering what’s going on.”

He dropped his trousers…Saundra folded her arms and assumed a proud stance.

He slipped off his boxers and his hard-on sprang to view.

She looked straight at him, undismayed. “Where do I sign Boss-man?”

He reclined her backwards onto the leather cushions. She spread her legs and reached up guiding him inside. Her nipples were hard as he raised a breast to his lips.

“Did I ever tell you I’m mesmerized by your tits?”

“I guessed it.“

He began to stroke and she followed the lead of his intercourse.

“Invite me all the way inside,” he whispered…

“What's that supposed to mean?”

“Into your soul. I want your spirit.”

Her eyes began to glaze and she started to cry…

“You said you trusted me,” he continued, sweat forming on his brow.


“It’s signing time…”

She groaned rearing up. A tremor raced down her spine.

“There’s no holding back, Sweetheart.”

“I love…”

“Don’t go saying that,” he said with a hush.

“Then listen up, while I unlock the door.”

Shaundra threw her head back and clicked her tongue. “She’s ready, Mr. Hardin and the key will always be here waiting."

Satisfied, he began riding high, on the saddle of her promise.

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