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Frank helps Beth through another Bad Dream
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The Bad Dream

Beth awoke in a sweat. It was the nightmare again… She recalled her groans and thrashing about in the bed. Etched in her memory, were words that cried out. “Please no, not again…”

Frank turned on the night light and sat up rubbing his eyes. His muscled body had the sculpted look of a Greek god. The wind picked up and there came the distant rumble of a storm .

She looked at him, trembling…

Hanging off the headboard were leather straps. He took a wrist and cinched it down. Then he reached across and secured the other.

Her eyes stared up, wide with fear and vulnerability. He returned her look, drawn into the dark and languid pools. She struggled against the restraints and her breasts spilled out, ripe with the promise of nurture. Her gown was wet with perspiration as he pulled the silk up over her hips.

Her womb yawned, as he rolled on top, his erection, dripping with precum. He felt about with the tip, exploring the silky hairs, searching for the sweet spot. She arched up, pleading, tears in her eyes. “Please hurry…I need you so bad.”

"How do you want it?" he asked

"Mean and ugly."

He pushed insistently into the soft folds, feeling the tip muscle inside. It moved in fits and starts and then began slipping as she squirmed to accomodate the girth.

The wind began blowing harder and driving rain pelted the aluminum siding. The mobile home began to rock perceptibly.

He continued urging, pulling up on her hips as his manhood reached to the limits of her cunt. She began to thrash, from one restraint to the next as he paused letting it wallow, feeling as it throbbed inside her flesh..

“Oh Gawd!” She pleaded…“Don’t torment me….please Frank don’t do it.”

He slapped her hip as she twisted, impaled on his thick phallus. She could feel it pulsing with her heart beat as his weight held her hostage to the mattress.

The wind picked up. The trailer swayed on its block foundation.

“Don’t torture me!” she cried pleading

He slapped her hip again and then again..

“Why are you being so cruel?“ she wept.

He relented and pulled back to the point of withdrawal and drove again deeply inside…

“Yes, yes,” she responded…“Fuck it hard; work me like a slut.”

His thrusts continued, gaining momentum as she matched the rhythm of his intercourse.

“Oh momma,” she cried out in hysteria….“don’t stop…don’t ever stop.”

The storm was upon them and hail splattered against the windows. The trailer seemed to breath and exhale, almost with a life of its own. Faster and faster came the tempo of their love making. Sweat glistened on her breasts and ran down between the cleavage. Each time he drove she reared up squeezing her sphincter. It drove him to madness and he plumbed in and out with a mad frenzy of desire.

Overhead, lightning flashed and in the same instant a resounding crack of thunder. She came, as her body shook with yearning and an organism surged through it. A gust of wind howled as he spurted and she felt the swell of his distended sinew, disgroging the hot spit of its semen… Again and again it retched spasmatically, voiding its unbridled lust. Another organism, followed, then by another… they swept across, churning and grinding as he guided her hips and assailed her writhing body…At length, unable to sustain the passion, he collapsed on top; face buried in her tits, panting in heavy breaths.

“My wrist, undo my wrists,” she pleaded, in discomfort.

He reached up and uncinched the straps as his limp penis fell from inside. She held herself to catch the dripping cum and stumbled off to the commode.

The storm rumbled into the distance


The next morning Beth noted the arrival of the armored car.….The courier stepped out and came inside…They walked together to the lift, the door opened and closed and they descended down to the safe room.

At the bottom, Beth spoke into the intercom. “Open up.”

A plexiglas view pane slid open and a face stared inside. It closed, followed by the sound of heavy bolts and tumblers as the door opened into the vault.

At a table, Beth opened the briefcase. She entered a code into the carrier . Taking the disk to the Main Frame, she entered a second and a green light started flashing. She inserted the disk and the processor hummed. When it stopped the disk popped back out. Returning to the table, Beth replaced it, and reset the code. The courier closed the lid, and took the handle, still cuffed to her wrist. They returned to the elevator. The door to the safe room slammed shut and they ascended once more to the ground level.

“Have a safe trip,” Beth told the runner,. The young girl nodded, returning to the truck. A security guard opened and closed the the door. The engine reved and the vehicle rumbled out of the parking lot.

Sherry walked up with a smile and pointed to Beth’s office…A bouquet of roses were in a vase bundled together by a leather strap.

“I love you,” the card read.

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