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This is a letter/song I wrote for my girlfriend but she never got it...
To my dearly beloved,

We had are ups and we had are downs. We had our days when we hated each other, but we alway made it up to one another. I promised you forever and ever, no matter what. I might be half way around the world but, you are always with me. You are always in my heart, and in my mind. I think of you every day, every hour, every minute. When I wake up in the morning your the first to pop up in my head. When I fall asleep at night I still think of you because, I dream of you and I. Today is are second year with each other, and its been wonderful to spend the past two years with you. I love babe forever and ever, no matter what. Just like I promised.
With much love-
p.s. I wrote a song for ya. Hope you like.

You don't have to worry about me dying,
I will always come back and see you.
When you need me most,
I’m just a phone call, or text away.
I will always be there for ya.
Not going to let anything bad happen to you,
I promise...
I will be your shield,
I will be the person you can talk to,
And tell what’s happening.
If you need someone to talk to,
I’ll listen and talk when needed.
If you ever need someone to be with,
I’ll be there and be with you.
I will always be there for ya.
I will always love ya forever and ever.
I won't die on the field,
I’ll come back to ya,
And hold ya in my arms, and let you cry in them.
Promise me you will wait for me.
Promise me you won't forget about me.
When I’m out there ill think of you,
Every second,
Every minute,
and every hour that I’m away.
I’m always gonna be there for ya.
I promise...

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