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by Park
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End of the World
There are many prediction about the end of the world. About 30days ago, it was witnessed that many animals have died from some unknown cause. In the USA, Canada, Thailand, and NewZealand, birds suddenly died in the sky. So, the 5000 birds fell from the sky like rain. 150 tones of fish died. Is the end of the earth really coming?

The first reason of why so many people believe in the end in 2012 is because of the calendar of the mayas. This calendar was made by mayan civilization which had highly improved. The calendar has predicted almost 70% of all the big events. However, the calendar has stopped in 21 December 2012. In addition, There is a machine called webbot. Webbot makes predictions by collecting the words in the internet. For example, There were many words of Iraq, and American forces and predicted Iraq War. But, it stopped in the same day of the date of the Mayan calendar has stopped. As a result, people believe that day is the end of the world.

The second reason is due to a boy called "Boriska" from mars. He was born in 11 January 1996. According to his parents, he could speak properly , 8 months after he was born. From 3 years old, he started to talk about the universe and said he is from mars. He predicted that earthquake of sichuan in 2008 and he said there will be three disasters in a continent in 2011. He also said there will be a very big disaster that kills 90%of people in the world in 2013. He met Stephen Hawking. Stephen Hawking said, 'Boriska has great astronamical knowledge which I cannot imagine'.

Three suns were observed in China. The natural panorama is very rare. It is shown once during 13000 years. So, ancient people used to regard it as the end of the world.

Recently, strange things happen around the world. Nobody knows why those are happening . But, there will be something in 2 years. I believe it's not a joke. Stephen Hawking said, 'Don't be indifferent about what Boriska told us.' We should be prepared for the disasters. The disasters are already happening in Japan.
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