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by jaya
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While the Moon shed joy, Sofia did nothing less.

She lit up the sky
With her sweet smile
and a talent well nigh
floored us in style.

There were five games
in all in that tournament. 
The king, was the most coveted,
therefore, had to be checkmated.

The kid sat cool and curious,
like a rosebud pink and lustrous.
She made the moves, removed
pawns, yet lost the king to the rival.

She had a break, enjoyed a walk
around the woody place with dad,
mom and brother Pablo who at four,
watched, wide-eyed, his sister Sofia

playing merrily, and sharing the fun.
The sweet girl of six won three of five
games; unaffected by win-lose position,
her concentration, and thoughtful play

were all that mattered. In the end she
stood with a trophy in her nimble
hands and the glittering tiara they
crowned her with; her winsome smile

and innocent charm made us
grandparents, sing with joy as the
Super Moon lit up the sky, her silver
shower of grace on one and all.

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