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by Asiah
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A dialogue between a husband and wife.
Chris And Janet ( Stale Bread and Jam)

" Janet"
" Janet Julia"
" Yes, love?"
" Janet Julia"
" What?"
" I love saying your name"
" Oh, is that all?"
" Janet to me makes me taste strawberry jam in my mouth and it permeates my nose and opening all the locks of my fragrance receptors. And Julia..."
" Chris, do you mind? I'm trying to finish off this essay"
" I don't mind at all Janet Julia. Where was I? ahh yes, Julia. I see a glittering pile of beryl. Some small and some quite large, elegantly spilling over a black scarf of satin."
" Is that right?"
" Yes it is my love. Janet Julia is the blend of these precious stones into this marvellously crafted preserve. Using only the freshest of berries from Switzerland and cane sugar hand dried by the tanned people of Fiji poured into just one blown glass jar from an eighty year old artisan in Venice."
" Wow you really know how to distract with your flowery prose. Excuse me, I'm just going to vomit."
" But wait Janet Julia I haven't finished"
" Ahh, the beryl. Now would that be from Lake Argyle in the the beautiful Kimberley of Western Australia?"
" Heavens no! That is a diamond mine. No, the beryl is excavated by a seven year old boy in West Africa who has stolen it from his rich boss to cut and polish himself and sell to our chef which in turn makes him very rich so he can send his whole community to school and feed them for the rest of their days."
" How ethical"
" The the master crafter blends these jewels in with his cullinary delight and names it Janet Julia. Then I spread it on my white San Fransiscan sourdough toast"
" That sounds delicious darling, but just for the record, your name Chris brings to mind a piece of stale wholemeal bread crust. Now can I get on with my work?"
" I suppose. I'll be in the garden watering the agapanthas with my bitter tears."
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