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3 days into a fast, no food, only water. This is my rant. enjoy
It is time for a good old fashion constant stream of consciousness my dear fellow, and what a time such as this. The barest of necessities invokes upon the mind a certain degree of translucency, likely the body’s desperate attempts to get the mind, which in the case of such circumstance must be unreasonable, to see reason and prepare a new survival tactic accordingly. As such there remains the question of how much the mind can be trusted, and how much our perceived requirements are in fact required. In the caveman times I doubt that there was a regular access of food at their disposal. Would it not behoove their nature then, to utilize such gaps in sustenance to their own advantage? The modern day human is by no means the ideal, in lifestyle or in mindset. It seems the furthering of our life spans has only served to make us more bitter when the end comes as promised. As a result, a certain existentialist or denial oriented mindset has become commonplace in our lives. We either seek to explain through the use of irrational mindsets, or to confront the enormous implications of a seemingly lacking purpose for existence. It is then that we turn into the animals of reason, the bare backed grunts who can only follow the irrational or lie in the mud to wait for death. Is there a third option? Let us attempt to reason through such a possibility. Perhaps a certain combination: a following of the irrational with the knowing and rational consent of its improbability. Perhaps then we could not be susceptible to the dangers of following a herd of blind sheep, led by a morally questionable shepherd. In the end I suppose I must reiterate a sentiment that has become increasingly reinforced for me in recent times. You can believe anything you want, just entertain the notion that everything you believe in could be wrong, and anything other people believe in could be right. If you do that, at least you know you are less prone to a rampant denial of truth. 
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