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The Date I had with Redbull.
Dear Redbull,

I decided to go ahead and write this note to you today.

I know we met on a couple, different occasions, you left me with feelings of regret in the past

But last night I thought I was going to have different feelings for you, that is why I gave you another chance so I bought in on your lies on how you can give me wings to fly.

After you arrived, it was hard to make you leave, you know, getting you out of my system took awhile.

After you was gone, I went to bed with these Mad emotions and again you left me in such a disoriented mood.

As I slept I couldn't get my thoughts together to process how you made me feel, All I can say was I was nervous during the whole night, and I thought seeing how you work in action would motivate me more into getting more work done.

You tricked me and let me down hard, crashing into my sheets of sorrowful pitty, hyped up, and alone with discombobulated thoughts on how to feel, I should have never put my interest in you to begin with.

You ruined my day and night, Waking up with headaches, I have to admit, you were fun to be around with for a couple of hours.

But you ruined it for me. For every other date that I plan to have with anyone. I don't want to try Crunk, or gas up on Nos because of you....

I will never forget you but I do forgive you.

I should have known you were going to be a bad influence on me.

Next time I see you, whether in the gas station, or even the grocery store....Before I even think about crossing paths with you...

I will remember the confusion and chaos you caused, and I will just simply walk right past you.

Besides I guess only a man could handle you anyway...I don't know what I was thinking... I probably should have read how you labeled yourself, such as how much sugar you are filled with.... you are too drama filled, made with horrible ingredients of disaster.

You are not what you claim to be, I will never listen to the way you advertise yourself again, you even said that you would give me wings, and described the good energy that I would feel from you...when in the end, all you did was steal mine.

I also remember how expensive you are. You cost more headaches and time than any other Man I have ever been with. I hope you have a nice life and career. because your officially out of mine.

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