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Story of Life
There is an announcement that the train from Calicut to Kannur will arrive shortly on platform no.1 , I walked through the plat form, There is a little bit of rain ,and a gentle breeze. I saw her standing at the end of the platform and she look very tired. I gently moved towards her and asked what happened ?

tears came from her eyes  and looked at me. I repeated the question,

"Shiva i can not live without you " she answered

it pierced my heart.

I replied " Swetha be practical, this is life , and i always thought about your future, i had any jobs yet and  i am very weak to protect you".

Swetha: "Then why did you loved me?" she started crying laid on my shoulder.

I: "Look Swetha my love is true, It is clear that I can not live without you but, in real life we can not live with only our love,we need money, so i want to find some work that help us to live, if I get it I will comeback for you otherwise......." my words are blocked in my neck.

Swetha: "So you decided it eh?"

I: "Yes i am"

She took a golden ring from her finger and put it on my finger. "Please don't forget me I will wait for you"

Train arrived to the station, I boarded to the train and looked her.

Her hairs are fallen to her face and tears are still in her eyes. That eyes says something to me,

Train gently moved ,rain is still there, wind is blowing.

I hold that ring tight and  closed my eyes.two drops down from my eye.

Ticket Examiner entered in to the coach, and verified my ticket. Train window glasses are now filled with memories.

Life is like a wind sometimes it blows softly and brings you  pleasure; other hand it will be a real hurricane destroy everything you belongs.

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