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A Shewolf's Lament in 11 quatrains of logaoedic verse. This is the true story.
Curse of the Setting Moon
A Shewolf's Lament
44 lines in quatrains
approximately 800 words

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When echoed call of lonely howl
Replaces the longcase's chime,
Enchanted hooting of the owl
Cues emancipated time.

Human ways obliterated;
Four legs have I, instead of two.
Lustful urge is satiated.
With each full moon, I'm born anew!

Oh! Blessed rising of the moon!
Reclaim the bitch that was the dame.
Time opportune brings night's attune
And spites notorious defame.

In full moon's glow, I'm blessed to know
True pleasure at nature's own hand.
It grieves me so to have to go,
For, on two legs, I'm cursed to stand.

Some rue the rising dark of night,
Eyes, blind to see; ears, deaf to plea.
I crave the moonlit second-sight
And laud the joy she brings to me.

Perceptions pique, and toned physique,
Smooth silken fur, and pin-sharp nails
Create the aura, my mystique;
For at fang's length my charm prevails!

And lo, dear creatures of the glen,
I vow no hunters will harm you.
I'll force on them true fear again
And prey on their vernal menu.

Oh, woeful morn, I do so scorn
Your seemingly glorious wake.
To some the rose, to me the thorn,
As once more, hid'ous form I take.

This wretched thing that I become,
When golden orb does wake and rise
May fool the some but not the one
Who sees with wisened, open eyes.

Oh! Cur'sed setting of the moon!
At your leave, my torturous shame.
You rob me of my heart's attune
And smite with liar's cold disdain.

Until the hooting of the owl
Again steads human sense of time,
I'll bow my head in anguished scowl
And long for freedom's cherished prime.


Longcase: A grandfather clock
Emancipated: freed from constraints
Satiated: quenched
Attune: Accord / harmony
Defame: false or unjustified injury of the good reputation of another, as by slander or libel
Rue: to feel sorrow over; repent of; regret bitterly, wish had never happened
Laud: to praise
Vernal: relating to, or occurring in the spring
Smite: to affect mentally or morally with a sudden pang; to strike, as a slap in the face
Steads: takes the place of a person or thing; understudy, instead of

Carol St. Ann
August, 2011

# Carol St. Ann
August, 2011
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