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abuse, abortion, pain, hate
Mother, why do you hit me so?
Tell me what did I do?
Mother why do you break my bones?
Remember, I love you.

Mother, why do you turn away?
When I cry out in pain?
Mother can’t you see?
It’s driving me insane.

Mother, why do you close your eyes?
When the metal touches you?
Mother how can you just walk away?
When that man is through?

Mother my blood is on his jacket
And has stained his gloves so red
I’ve not been born yet
There’s a halo, here upon my head.

These are those unheard voices?
Those with no way to speak?
These are those around us?
Who are beaten, broken, and weak?

This for those, unborn babies
Who never had a breath
What a cruel, and pathetic world
Where the sentence for life, is death.

So here’s to the mothers who beat kids
Or made him lame excuses
Here is to the women, who covered for the Man
For you are just as useless.

Here’s to the women whom babies blood stained
the abortionists floor
Here’s to the mother who killed their child,
to play the heartless whore.

I seem to have a smile
When I see a child taking in a breath
And my heart seems to swell, happy
They’ve eluded death

I may not know every detail
Of the way they’re living
But I do know, they get to see the day
The day that they’ve been given
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