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Jennifer hurts Bradley, not meaning to and Miles and Megan announce their engagement.
"You don't understand. I don't want to hurt you. I love you. The moonstone is our only way to go home. If you were in my time, you wouldn't be sure you would want to live there. If you had a charm or stone that could take you back and you broke the stone or charm, you would be upset, too. You would have no way of returning. Do you understand?" Jennifer started to cry.

Bradley grabbed Jennifer and hugged her. "Yes, I understand." He was still sad and hurt.

Megan picked up the moonstone and shed a tear. Miles put his arms around her. "It will be alright."

Megan nodded. She wanted to stay in the past but Jennifer had wanted to return, now she couldn't.

Vicki had heard the commotion and she came upstairs. She saw Megan holding the moonstone and her face fell. Vicki and Bill would have no way of going back, either.

"I am so sorry. I broke it." Megan was so sad.

Vicki patted her arm. It is alright, Dear. Bill and I like it here." Vicki went back downstairs.

Megan took a handkerchief and wrapped it around the moonstone and put it in the drawer.

"Are you ready to go home with me? I will bring you back in a couple of days." Bradley asked Jennifer.

"Let's go. See you, Megan and Miles. I am not mad. I will talk to you in a couple of days." Jennifer touched Megan's arm.

Megan didn't say anything. Miles asked Megan if she was ready to go to his house. Megan nodded.

Bradley helped Jennifer into the carriage and they headed back to his house. Neither one of them said anything on the way back.

Miles and Megan got in his carriage and headed towards his house.

"How did this moonstone work?" Miles asked.

"I just rubbed the moonstone and the gypsies would show up. They would say a chant and could send us to the present like they did Angel and Gretchen. Now, Jennifer will never have that chance."

"Jennifer surely wants to be with Bradley. She doesn't want to leave, does she?" Miles asked.

"She hasn't commit herself to marry Bradley so I guess she wanted to go home. I want to marry you and Damon and I are divorced now so I can marry you anytime. I love you so much."

Miles stopped the carriage and hugged and kissed Megan. "I love you, too. I can't wait to marry you. If we don't leave right now, we may make love in broad daylight!"

"The problem with that is?" Megan laughed.

Miles kissed Megan's cheek. "Later, my Dear."

Miles signaled for the horse to go and they headed to his house as Megan cuddled up next to him.

Bradley and Jennifer got back to his house and Jennifer went inside his house Bradley went out to check on things on his plantation. Jennifer decided to go for a walk in the woods. It was daylight and she felt safe. Had she blown it with Bradley? She had hurt him. She would have to make it up to him. She loved him and he wanted her to stay with him and not to go back to her time era. He thought that was what she wanted, too. Jennifer didn't know how far she had wandered into the woods but she was lost. Oh no. She didn't know what to do. She heard voices.

"You haven't broken up Jennifer and Bradley, yet? All you have to do is go to the man's house and sneak into his bed and we will find a way to get Jennifer to see you and that rich man together."

OH MY GOD! IT WAS CALIN AND RAINEY! Luckily, the tree was huge and Jennifer was able to hide.

"Jennifer may really love Bradley. I would have to drug Bradley to get him to be with me." Rainey said.

"Here is the potion you need. Jennifer loves me." Calin handed Rainey the potion.

"Since, I know how good in bed you are are, Bradley will fall for your charms and I will have Jennifer all to myself." Calin grabbed Rainey's arm and kissed her cheek. "DON'T EVEN FAIL ME LADY! YOU WILL BE SORRY!"

Rainey walked away and Jennifer stayed hid. Jennifer was furious. HE HAD MADE LOVE TO RAINEY! Was he going to kill Rainey if she failed? Now, Rainey was headed towards Bradley'[s plantation. She was going to stop Rainey and deal with Calin later.

Jennifer followed Rainey and she was no longer lost. She caught up to Rainey and knocked her down. She threw the bottle of potion and broke it.

"You little whore! You slept with Calin and were going to drug Bradley to sleep with you. I am going to kill you!"

Jennifer started hitting Rainey and she pulled her hair and gave her a black eye. Rainey slapped Jennifer.

Bradley heard all the commotion and came running.

"What the hell is going on?" Bradley asked as he seperated Jennifer and Rainey.

"She was going to drug you with a potion that Calin gave you and sleep with you. She has already slept with Calin." Jennifer said in a low voice.

"Is this true, Rainey?"

Rainey was defeated. "Yes. Jennifer loves Calin, too. You had better find out who she really wants."

"Is this true?" asked Bradley.

Jennifer started to cry. "I do love you but Calin has this affect on me. I am sorry."

" So am I.Where is Calin?" Bradley asked Rainey in an angry voice.

"He was in the woods." Rainey answered.

"Jennifer, you get back in the house. Rainey, go home to your parents. I thank you for saving my life but I have paid my debt. Jennifer, I will talk to you later." Bradley headed towards the woods to find Calin.

Rainey looked at Jennifer. "You may lose your precious Bradley. He and Calin may kill each other because of you!"

Jennifer slapped Rainey and punched her. Bradley whistled and two of his men tore the women apart and Homer, one of the workers grabbed Rainey and put her on his horse to take her home. The other man left and Jennifer followed Bradley but stayed out of sight.

Bradley walked two miles until he caught up with Calin. Calin was making a camp fire.

"Gypsy, get off my land!" Bradley pulled out his gun.

Calin was surprised. "I want Jennifer and she loves me. Deal with it, Rich Man!"

Jennifer came running out of the woods. "Calin, I want you out of my life. I know what you wanted Rainey to do. You slept with her. I have finally realized that Bradley is the one I want to be with. I truly love him and Megan broke the moonstone. We don't need or want you gypsies in our life. Megan is divorced from Damon and is going to marry Miles. You have no place in my life. I have a lot to make up for and I hope Bradley wil forgive me. I want to marry him. If you ever come back, I will shoot you. I am sorry that I met you. I want you to leave."

Calin looked so hurt. "I guess you have made a choice. I will always love you but I won't trouble you no more. The moonstone was more then a way for you and Megan to go back to the present. The moonstone had a spell on it that made you love me. Now, the moonstone is broke, your love for me is gone." Calin sprinkled some dust. "I won't be seeing you anymore. The spell is broken. As long as the stone was in tact, we had a chance. Now, it is over. I will miss you."

Calin left on his horse. Bradley pointed his gun at him. "Jennifer and I have a lot to talk about and you had better not ever come back or I will shoot you. I promise you that."

Calin tipped his hat and left.

Jennifer no longer loved Calin. It was the stone that had her under his spell. She looked at Bradley. He hugged her.

"I love you truly. Now, that awful gypsy is gone and that damned moonstone is broke, will you marry me?" Bradley asked.

"You forgive me? I love you so much and yes, I will marry you." Bradley kissed Jennifer.

"Let's go home." Bradley and Jennifer walked arm im arm to his house. They made love as soon as they got into the house.

Megan and Miles got to his house and they made love, too. Suddenly, after they made love, Megan had another one of her vibes and she got a chill.

"What is it?" asked Miles.

"The moonstone. It is like it had a spell on it. I just got a vibe that Jennifer and Bradley are going to get married and Rainey and the gypsies will no longer be a problem. Oh, Miles, life is good."

"I know." Miles kissed Megan. "We need to go get dressed and tell Mom and Dad we are getting married."

Megan smiled. She put on her pretty lavender dress and Miles was all dressed up and looked every part the gentleman.

They locked arms and walked to his parents house.

Mrs. Dawson hugged Megan and kissed her cheek.

"Mom, Dad, Megan and I are getting married. She got divorced from Damon. We hope you will be happy for us."

"Of course, we are, Dear." Mrs. Dawson hugged Megan again and kissed Miles cheek as his father hugged Megan.

"We are going to get Megan's engagement and our Wedding rings in France After we come back from France, we will be getting married here in Bath".

"That is lovely, Dear." Mrs. Dawson couldn't be happier.

Bradley and Jennifer got out of bed.

"I am so glad you forgive me. I didn't know that moonstone had me under a spell."

"I love you. I always will. I want to marry you. I admit, Rainey had me attracted to her for all of five minutes.Pity the man who gets her. There is something strange about her."

"She is a time traveler. She was in the medival times and she can travel to any time period. Maybe she will leave. Calin threatened her."

"A time traveler? This time travel and going to the past is strange. No one would believe this." Bradley was in awe of it all.

"We can never tell anyone. I am so glad you know all my secrets. I will never lie to you again. I love you and only you. I am really glad I am here with you."

"I am glad you are, too." Bradley and Jennifer kissed and decided to stay in bed. Jennifer and Bradley were truly happy as was Megan and Miles.

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