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by rahulr
Rated: 13+ · Novel · Comedy · #1818962
this is a story of "the boy meets girl",but things just don't go like u plan it right?
Once upon a time in a country far far away...(i cant help exaggerating a little),our hero is in the ninth grade and because he has to be given a name lets call him Manu(no relevance),and girl is not actually the heroine but anyway her name is Paru(again no relevance).But before we start with the story lets go a little into the manus personality traits-third in class,actually very bright but not so  much on the confidence side,low on self morale and has read a couple of books on psychology and so thinks he has everyone figured out.So anyway its the ninth grade and it's the first day at his new tuition class(he is of course very bright) and he goes in because he already met his teacher yesterday,he sits at the front bench(nerdy) with a couple of other boys.He was making friends with the boys in his bench when he saw her.The usual stereotypical romantic scene where the boy always falls for the girl and she doesn't even know that she is being watched.Anyway he is so thrilled and after the class starts tries everything he can to get her attention by which I mean answering all of the teachers questions-even the irrelevant ones for that matter.Days goes by and things are like what it used to be without she not even knowing that such a thing exists who compares her beauty to that of Aishwarya Rai-famous actress at that time.After a week or two the teacher starts to put tests and they get the scorecard,manu as usual is so distraught  when he finds out that she has more marks than him.At home manu takes a vow to study well and get at par with her, and so begins the chronicle of a nerd(boring) and lets skip a few years to somewhere near the present times-they did see each other though in other classes.So its college and he did fulfill his vow and gets into the top institution in his state with the hope that she would be there.Yes of course she was there else I wouldn't be writing this story now would I?

                        He was praying to be in the same college with her but to his surprise they were in the same class and from here starts the real story.Year one:makes new friends and like always remains a fucking boy scout and still haven't got the guts to go and meet her,year one goes forward without much distraught for him.Year two:they end up in the same lab group and finally he gets to actually meet her(and he scores),and mind you i am not exaggerating here-he used to get all weepy and sad after he masturbated so you can understand how much this means to him.But new friends and classmates starts to reform his character and they become friends,very close actually.And on year three he finally proposes to her over the phone and she says YES!-yeah right.well...she didn't give a No either and things goes on as usual between them.Now the funny part comes in the form of a boy-lets call him konesh(fine-this has got some relevance),you shouldn't forget this guy-he is the villain.Anyway konesh and paru are friends too,but not as close as paru and manu or paru asserts so,and they used to hang out together sometimes and it was during a fest of our college that things actually comes to light.People see them touching each other and manu hears of this,wel..taking into account his personality he is of course very much sad and everything sums up with the already low  morale and down goes his grades.He then stops talking to her and other friends of his but we can't let him down like that now, can we?After all he is the hero of this story and so his closest friends counsels him and brings him back into the world.

                      Now finally things change for good and he begins to hate them,starts to live his own life and when the time for standing up to the world comes-he does and gets into a job he likes and hopes to have a happily ever after ending.
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