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Treat people respect bcause the consequences can be deadly. Work in progress.
Alone again, the feeling didn't settle well with Greg Holiday. He'd been alone ever since... No, he wouldn't think of that, think of her. He had no room for guilt or regret in his life. He poured himself a glass of cheap whiskey and plopped into a nearby chair.

Greg looked out the dark window above the shabby bed in the coroner. He could see a few lights in the distance, but nothing else. Faces and names from the past flew through his head. Amy, Elizabeth, Melanie.... Greg lifted the glass to his lips and took a long swallow. He scowled as the liquid slid slowly down his throat. It was all her fault. Before he'd met her he never thought about those other girls, but now....

"Dammit!" He jumped up and threw the glass against the wall. It shattered into a million pieces. He needed to leave this place, leave her behind. "The next train leaves tomorrow and so will I," he decided.

Something deep inside of him told him not to leave, if he did he'd regret it for the rest of his life, but he ignored it. He'd never regreted anything in his life and he didn't plan on starting now.

He walked over to the bed and sat down. He couldn't stop himself from looking out the window again, but this time he didn't see the lights twinkling in the distance. The events of the past few days rolled through his head.

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