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by Rikki
Rated: 13+ · Poetry · Comedy · #1835884
Entry for 'Take My Phrase, Please (Round 25)' . Revenge is sweet. Unless it backfires.
Oh! Sometimes you make me
Madder than a cat in the bathtub!
This time you really went too far.

Sometimes, I think of ways to get revenge
For my tattered, aching heart.
I never follow through.

Instead, I clean the house –
I go a little overboard.
I’ve been known to wash the soap.

I scrub the grout between the tiles
On the bathroom floor.
This time, you really went too far!

Your forty dollar whitening kit
Is doing a fine job.
Who knew I’d one day follow through?

My aggravation lessens as I scrub
Then escalates again.
I used the wrong toothbrush.

Yours is in the caddy,
Mine is in my hand.
This time, I really went too far.
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