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Big Bad John is an old Jimmy Dean song and the name of my loveable dog about 14 years old
Big Bad John has been next to my side since September 1999. He's a blond Lab and maybe German Shepherd mix, who is presently overweight at 110 pounds. He's always been a lot of dog. But he was only 68 pounds when he left the Dallas ASPCA to live with me. Since I work from home, my loyal John has been at my side through the thick and thin of many years. I lost pounds and he found them, since he usually gets the last bite of anything I eat. He only doesn't care for grapes.

He's getting older now, and I want to do right by him. I don't want to drag out time that's painful or disorientation. It's his job to take note of what's going on, though his sister the black German Shepherd who is a couple of years younger, is A # 1 Guard Dog. John lets her check it out good first, and sometimes her barking is not worth his getting up. That sounds like some marriages. His hearing and eyesight is in question. He still loves to enjoy bones. He likes to eat, and since he's taking steriods he really like to eat.

This evening after his dinner, we stepped in the same spot, and John lost his footing. He eased down slowly, but it hadn't been his idea. This is just one time to note. I would say that locomotion is an issue to be considered. I've seen him loose control of his back legs maybe twice before. I'm just saying. I love him too much to think about living without him.

I had a cat, or she claimed me, for twenty years. It was hard to release her; but I stayed and watched the light go out of her eyes. I can't imagine saying good-bye to John's big brown eyes. This isn't today, but he's got a skin infection again, even with prednisilone everyday. He scratches the hardwood floors in the night in his sleep. We add Benadryl for his itching sometime--but I take so many damn pills myself that my whole life becomes momentarily absurd at times.

John is my constant companion, though he doen't much jump up on the sofa anymore. What got me contemplating the whole John's end issue is that he couldn't get himself into the back of the front of the truck, and I couldn't pick him up. The girl at the vet had to help me get him back in when we were finished. He's as loveable as a dog could ever be, but he's really lots of loveable dog. I'm just saying....it's something to consider during prayer and meditation time.
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