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by Ren
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Prologue: Dystopia of the near future based around current events in America.
         The world is in chaos. It’s like every dystopia ever written.  1984 being played out in front of us. The Red Scare has become the Red Reality. So many saw it coming, but they were cast aside, called crazy, and dismissed.  They snuck in slowly, lying wait, like cancer waiting for an opportune moment to strike us dead. Their dark slimy tendrils weaving into every crevice of our society. Slowly taking hold of everything we know. The media taken over and censored to speak as They want. Shaping the minds of our children to believe how They believe. Our lives under constant surveillance. Nothing could escape Their sight or touch.
         We let Them control us out of ignorance, out of complacency, out of laziness, out of “patriotism.” We were fooled into thinking that we were the ones in control, that if it ever got to be too much we could stop them. One by one They violated our rights. They started with little things here and there,  things that sounded like good ideas. It didn’t stop though, things escalated quickly. They took our right to a trial, silenced our freedom of speech, and stole our right to protest. No one said anything, no one did anything because They disguised what they did with humor and kept the media quiet. Those who spoke out were ostracized or were silenced. The ones who watched with fear seeing clearly what was happening could do nothing. The powers that be were too ingrained into everything, there was nowhere to run if they tried to take everything from you.
         Then it finally happened. The light came on in the oddest of manners. They had seen the uprisings across the globe, so far from our home, that had started with something so seemingly harmless as a group on a social network. The uprising changed everything in the region, the people won their freedom. This news frightened Them, the internet could hurt their plans greatly. They had to find a way keep a close eye on things. So They made some bills and the tech generation took notice immediately. They grew angry for the wrong reasons, the children fought for their free pirated media, but they won. At least the children thought they had. They weren’t so foolish as to allow their main agenda be seen and destroyed so easily. Another, much more powerful, bill was in the works one that’s effects would be felt worldwide. Passive adults lured in did not fight it, cry as the children might, and the bill came into law. So few realized what effects the law would have, but they spoke too late. They had control over everything now. The younger generation cringing in fear as they realized everything they said and did was monitored. The elders squabbling amongst themselves over issues that soon would have no meaning.
         Then, confident like a proud beast who’s cornered its prey, They revealed their intentions. Trapped we had nowhere to run. We had blindly agreed to everything. We signed the devil’s contract. Now the people cry in regret, blaming everyone but themselves. We let it happen. We let the snake convince us to eat the apple. Now the flame of hope is all but extinguished as we watch dumfounded.
        Like the gun shot that changed the world generations ago, another shot was heard. The one that killed what the world once called America. We killed it with our own hands, and watched as it laid there bleeding out dying an agonizing death from the less than lethal wound. We could have saved our lady liberty. Instead we stood by watching as her red blood drained out, her skin turned white, and her lips fade to blue. No one knowing what to do everyone just stood by frozen gazing at the sight. Everything we were. Everything we knew. Everything was gone in what seemed like an instant.
Darkness spread over everything as They stepped up and took control of the listless and mourning citizens.  We did not resist in our shock, we were obedient and quiet. Years passed before anyone woke from their paralyzing, lethargic slumber. The awoken cried out demanding justice and their freedom. Quietly the high powers disposed of those who spoke out. Like a sickening puppet show They parade around pretending everything is the same as it was, but if anyone steps out of line your entire existence is erased.
        I dream at times of the world as it used to be when I was a child, full of innocence, of hopes and dreams for the future, of pride for my country and my culture. I do not regret my choice. My family begged me not to do it. They said it would be better to leave things as they are and live than to throw away my life for something that could never come back. It made my heart ache to tell them that I would do as they say, only to turn around and do the opposite. I love my family, my friends, my countrymen, my country, and I refuse to seem them suffer anymore. I joined those who felt the same. I take up arms in the name of freedom as my forefathers did so long ago. You only get one life to live and I vow I will not let mine be controlled by these monsters. This is my journey into Hell, my story that will go untold should we fail. I pray to God that he give me the strength to protect those cry in fear from the injustice.
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