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News reporter's biological father is a European King and she's known this for years.
Hannah Marks knew that she was adopted at birth. She knew who her biological parents were which was most unusual. Most adoptions back in the 1950's were closed. When she thought about it, it was surprising that she knew who her biological parents were, especially given that her biological father was a European King who was currently on the throne.

It was never discussed in Lilac Woods Island which was off the coast of Scotland and Ireland that Hannah Marks was the daughter of King James. Queen Fiona knew about it as did their 5 children. So did many other European royals.

Usually situations like this were handled much differently especially if an adoption was involved. If the biological mother kept the child, the mother would go away to another country, usually a place like the United States and live in comfort. Out of sight, out of mind. The child may or may not have contact. Sometimes in the case of an adoption the child was never told. Records were altered so that the truth would never be found out. In Hannah's case the adoption records were altered, but unlike others she knew the truth about her parentage and had since she was 18 years old.

August 1973

Hannah's parents whose ancestry was from Lilac Woods had gotten an invitation to attend the cornation of King James who was taking the throne upon the death of his father King Kevin who had died 6 months earlier.

In the cornation ceremonies the family of King James took part. King James had about 25 relatives that were immediate family and then about 50 who were distant relatives. In the mix were some citizens of the country and some Americans who were of Lilac Woods ancestry.

Most of those in America who were chosen generally lived in New England and were considered some of the most elite American families going back generations.. Hannah was a little different. She grew up in the Orlando area and was solidly middle class. Her family came to the United States in the 1890's.

She knew the other families by name but this was the first time she had met them. They seemed rather puzzled by her appearance as she wasn't one of them so to speak. She lived in Florida in a place called Winter Park which they had never heard of and she was quite different than they.

The cornation ceremony received little press in the United States except in New England but this was more of a passing interest. No one really noticed Hannah. She didn't stand out as females who came from Lilac Woods tended to be taller than your average American woman (5'6 to 5'7), usually slender and most had dark brown hair and blue eyes. Hannah was no different.

At this point Hannah didn't know that King James was her biological father. She felt very honored to be picked. Her friends back home thought it was great. She wouldn't be told for another 2 years. Her parents didn't tell her. She finds out when she gets a visit from her half-sister.

This will be the next chapter. Hannah gets a visit from Princess Siobathan.

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