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My son Brian's story of what happened to him as a teenager.
Psalm 91:12
"They," that is the angels, God's own angels, shall cheerfully become our servitors. "They shall bear thee up in their hands" as nurses carry little children, with careful love, so shall those glorious spirits bear up each individual believer. "Lest thou dash thy foot against a stone;" even minor ills they ward off. It is most desirable that we should not stumble, but as the way is rough, it is most gracious on the Lord's part to send his servants to bear us up above the loose pebbles. If we cannot have the way smoothed it answers every purpose if we have angels to bear us up in their hands. Since the greatest ills may arise out of little accidents, it shows the wisdom of the Lord that from the smaller evils we are protected.

This angel image I'm using for one of my stories, Brian's Special Angel.

What do Angels look like?

"Angels are neither male nor female, but they are often referred to as he or she. They do not have a human form because they are made up of energy, love, and light. But Angels will project themselves to us in a manner we are most comfortable with which means we often see them as human. If they have a message to give us, they may even come to us in the form of a departed loved one, so as not to scare us. Other ways Angels appear to us is through lights, colors, sounds, feelings, and scents." http://www.angelfocus.com/angels.htm

Brian's Special Angel

Do you believe in angels? If not, here is Brian’s story and you can make up your own mind told by Brian himself—

Coming home from a late-night party, I was feeling extra tired and having second thoughts on driving this late at night. I was asking myself, “Why didn't I stay over when my friend offered?"

This is just great... Another oncoming headlight that seems way too bright! Why can't they make the low beams dimmer? Plagued with migraines most of my life and getting a whopper of a one now, I began to tense up as each oncoming car passed by. What is this with all the traffic? Of course, it didn’t help when I just got over my recent bout with the flu. Deciding to pull off the road and get out, I knew I needed to walk around a little to clear my head and just relax my eyes.

"Oh, Oh! I wonder what he wants?" A highway patrolman stopped behind my car and got out to check my license plates. I looked back at my 1981 Firebird Trans Am with an eagle of fire that I painted on the hood. It's an eye-catcher and my pride and joy.

I watched as the officer walked around the car a few times, checking inside and out. Finally satisfied, he walked up to me and asked, “Is everything alright?”

Backing up a little, I shrugged, "I’m fine." I explained why I stopped, and he asked me other questions. We talked awhile until he was satisfied with my answers; I had nothing to hide.

He nodded approvingly, gave me a fatherly pat on the shoulder and told me to take care. When he got back into his vehicle, I breathed a sigh of relief. Feeling better as the cool nighttime breeze refreshed me. I stayed in that spot for a while thinking about the party. I didn’t have anything to drink because I still had a queasy stomach. It felt so good getting out again, playing pool with the guys, and talking with close friends. I felt as if my life was getting back on track again and grinned, remembering the argument we had about our college exams and which college we wanted to attend. Finally feeling rested, I gulped down the last of the Mountain Dew and got back in my car thinking, "Five more miles to go until I'm home. "

Steering back onto the road, I pushed down on the speedometer. I wanted to get off this busy road which had more traffic than usual, and I was once again squinting at the oncoming headlights that flashed by me in a blur, mesmerizing me. When one car didn't dim his bright lights, I began chanting, "Dim them, dim them dim those damn lights!" But he still didn’t dim them, and I could feel my headache returning full force as he passed by. The last thing I remember was squeezing my eyes tight for just a second…

I woke up hurting all over. A bright light was getting brighter and closer to my eyes, and I wondered why that darn car didn't pass by me? I tried opening my eyes further and realized the light was shining all around me. Confused, the light became more bearable, and I could make out a vision that looks like grandpa. But he died two years ago. I looked again, it was grandpa, but he had a shining aura all around him. As he got closer to my aching eyes, I could feel myself being lifted, then a floating sensation came over me, and soon a house appeared before me. I heard a knock echoing in my ears, and as the door opened and a man asked, “What’s wr…? I collapsed and felt him catch me.

He helped me inside and call 911. I must have passed out then because I don't remember anything else. I woke up in an ambulance taking me to St. Mary's Hospital in Rochester. This again is mostly all a blur. Arriving at the hospital, they took my identification and let my parents know what happened to me. That's my story as far as I can recall. I'll let Mom tell the rest.


My son Brian had a broken collar bone, he had a head injury and some cracked ribs. There were more technical terms that were used, but I heard enough and just prayed he would get better soon. When we talked with the officers at the scene, they couldn’t figure out how he made it out of his mangled car or how he could've walked a mile to the closest neighbor in his condition. When Brian was well enough to tell us how he did it, he told us it was grandpa who helped him.

We looked at him in shock, “Grandpa? He died, remember Brian?” I became concerned thinking that he's hurt more than the doctor’s is letting on.

But Brian said, “It had to be an angel, mom, who resembled grandpa. He was all bright at first and as this light surrounded me, I could see him walk toward me, he had this beautiful halo. Anyway, that's what I'm thinking, that he was my angel who helped me get out of my car and to the neighbors because I felt this floating sensation as he helped me to the neighbor’s house.”

When our family finally saw what Brian's Firebird looked like, we couldn’t believe our eyes. It was crushed so badly that we're so thankful that he wasn’t killed. Then, later, we drove over to check out the location where he drove off the road. All I can say is my heart was beating faster when I saw the scene of his accident. His car went down the steepest embankment there was on that road! His accident would have gone unnoticed by anybody that drove by on the road above. When I think about that to this day, I get the chills. He could have died down there! So, I give thanks to Brian's wonderful angel who saved my son's life.
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