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Will daydreaming, shopaholic Julie find her bargain or something more?
One day as Julie was shopping for the sheer joy of finding a bargain when she discovered across a trendy little shop. The uniqueness of the sign drew her attention.


One side was a little a cafe and on the other side an eclectic collection of home decor. Opening the door sent a gentle breeze tousling the display of wind chimes. A hint of vanilla and cinnamon wafted in the air. The charming sounds of the chimes made it feel as if she was invited explore.

While browsing about she discovered a glowing white heart-shaped pillow. She quickly dismissed the glow as a trick of the light through the windows. However, she could not resist running her hands across the cool satin surface before she moved on.

When she looked towards back of the shop, she saw, the shopkeeper, an elfish looking woman leaning over a very large book. On the counter next to her was a large gray and black cat that stared down at the book as if he too was reading the text.

Walking towards the interior of the store, she found herself drawn to an Angel doll in a glass curio. The black goo that held the doll in place was a stark contrast to the dolls beauty. The doll held a familiarity that Julie could not place. It felt like she had seen this face before. She was so intent on studying the dolls features, that the shopkeeper and her cat’s arrival went unnoticed for several minutes.

“Lovely Angel, wouldn’t you say?

Surprise sent crimson flooding Julie’s cheeks. ”Yes it’s lovely, but why is there black tar on the doll’s feet?”

“Where are my manners? My name is Alice and this is Jaz,” as she said motioning to the cat sitting on the other side of Julie, staring at her as if he expected her to recognize him. “Jaz and I go way back. Jaz, don’t stare it’s rude.“ Jaz flicked his ears and continued staring. “I’m sorry about that. He is so stubborn. I have a book that talks about all of the items in the shop. Almost every item has its own story. Jaz and I were just looking at the story on the Angel as you came in. However, until you pointed out the black substance on her feet the story did not make sense.“

Julie looked from the doll too Jaz. The twinkle in his eyes made him seem more human than cat. It made her nervous so she turned towards Alice. “That’s strange you said that the items in your shop have stories?”

“Yes almost everything. I’m sorry this is all probably very odd and I’m sure you’re not here for stories. I have a few things that I should be doing, so if you would like to look around you are welcome to browse to your heart’s content. Just holler if you need me.”

Curiosity got the better of Julie, beating down any odd feelings. “Oh if it’s not too much trouble would you please tell me the story? I would love to hear it, if you can spare the time.”

“I can tell you all about the Angel if you could take her and go to one of the tables. I will just go and grab some tea and cakes.”

“If it’s not too much trouble I would prefer a latte instead. “

“No problem at all. “ Alice bounced away and Jaz trotted off behind her.

She came back with within with a large silver tray in one hand and the large book in her other. “May I join you,” she asked as she put the tray on the table and place the book on the table in front of the chair she stood behind.

“Sure” Julie replied, while studying the doll.

Alice smiled and Jaz perched on a chair. Alice set a bowl of cream from the tray, on the table in front of him. He proceeded to leisurely lap at the cream as if this were an everyday occurrence.

Alice handed Julie her cup, opened the large book and began flipping through the pages. She cleared her throat and began the story.

“A young girl found the curio playing with her golden friend in the woods behind her family’s home. There was a thick tar like substance inside the curio. The little girl took the curio home. She planned to put flowers in it as a gift for her mom. When she got home, she pried open the door and some of the goo dripped on the floor in the kitchen. Her golden friend, the Angel told her it was evil, and asked her to take the curio and put it back. The little girl did not understand. She thought it was just dirt.

The little girl left the curio on the counter, and went to pick some flowers. The Angel saw the dark goo. She kept watch on the goo, the curio, while keeping her charge as far from it as possible. The goo spread across the floor stretching itself out until it formed an invisible thin layer across floor. The next person to enter the kitchen was the little mop-topped neighbor boy returning a dish for his mom. When his bare feet hit the floor, he screamed and ran from the house, disappearing into the woods.

The girl’s parents came back from shopping. While they put away the groceries, the evil goo saturated their souls. The next thing the girl saw was an ambulance. She watched as they took her mother out of the house with a sheet pulled over her head. The little girl could only tell it was her mom by the hair spilling out from under the sheet. Then she seen the police put her father in the back of a police car.

She hid and the Angle comforted her as she cried. She did not understanding the sudden turn of events in her normally happy life. Her Angel was finally able to convince her to come out of hiding, near where her grandmother was calling her with tears streaking her face. The Angel knew it was up to her to put a stop to the evil that escaped from the curio. Only her sacrifice would save her charge.

The Angel tried to explain to the little girl that she was going to take the evil away to make her safe. The little girl did not understand so the Angel waited until the girl was safely away at her grandmothers’ house asleep. The Angel then erased the memories of the evil from the girls mind.

She returned to the little girl’s home with a heavy heart. She walked through the goo. The goo attached itself to her feet. It was so intent on corrupting the Angel that it did not notice the Angel changing size, climbing into the curio and closing the door until it was too late.

Silent tears escaped Julies eyes as Alice stopped speaking. Alice handed her a napkin to wipe her eyes.

Julie slipped away from the table and came back carrying the heart shaped pillow. “You were my Angel. I know what stopped the evil. It was your pure heart.” Julie said to the Angel in the curio.

“The heart is what caused the Angle to make the sacrifice. The heart is what keeps evil at bay. This will free her from the Curio.” Julie said, as she held the white satin heart pillow, looking at Alice.

She opened the curio, replaced the angel with the white heart pillow, and swiftly closed the case. Golden light burst forth from the angel. The black goo vanished. The curio and pillow exploded into sparkling gold dust suspended in the air. The angel grew in size and Julie and the Angel hugged. The angel disappeared and Julie looked around as if she woke from a dream.

Alice closed the book and cleared her throat. “So would you like another latte?”
Julie blinked; the story seemed like a daydream, one she often had of playing in a woods and picking flowers with her golden friend.

“Yes, Alice, thank you.“

Julie looked over where Jaz had been sitting to see a familiar looking mop-topped boy, though when she looked at Alice and back again, Jaz, the cat was there. “Alice could you please make that a black coffee this time?”

Jaz slipped away from the table as Alice arrived back with the coffee and more cakes. She picked up her cup, the book and the empty bowl. She placed a gyroscope where the book had been and set it in motion. “When the gyro stops you will be merrily shopping. Your Angel will always be with you and this shop will be a pleasant memory.”

Julie blinked, she did not remember going into the dress shop. Oh well, she thought as she pushed a dress to the side to see what else the rack held. She seemed to recall a cool little shop with an awesome little cafe. She just could not remember how to get there, no matter how hard she tried.

Back inside the shop, Alice put down the pen. She was finished jotting down the ending to the story of two of the stores items, the doll in the curio and the white heart shaped pillow.

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