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"True inspiration...An energetic blast of dedication and perseverance..." - a prose poem.
True inspiration offers the heart its ultimate keepsake,
An energetic blast of dedication and perseverance
That enhances and fuels
Our pursuit of our most sought-after dreams.

The heroic deeds and sage wisdom
Of the world’s great philosophers, activists, athletes,
And writers ignite our soulful passions,
Inviting us to reach for new, unfathomable heights. 

Our determined and hopeful spirits are suddenly reborn, 
And our compassion, commitment, and attention-to-detail
Become otherworldly. 

But to ultimately strive for and achieve greatness
Is to enjoy God’s wondrous gifts; 
And to benefit from one’s special, ingrained,
And hidden talents.

Not dumb luck – 
But immense preparation and unwitting desire –
Shall bring success and glory to all
Each and every single day.

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