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I just adopted a Lab puppy, and I won a doggie training website on eBay, already set up.
I know I'm one who often leaps before she looks, and I may have done it again. But my life philosophy is along the lines of "nothing ventured, nothing gained." It seems that the only fee after title transfer is $11.99 per month for hosting. I can move it to somewhere that hosting is cheaper if I want to. I want to make money on the web, and this is a good time to give it a shot.

As fate would have it, I've had an 8 week old puppy in my home for three days now. Not too many things have gotten broken. There are other companion animals in my home. The first time mother cat with five, five week old kittens, has developed an attack status with the poor pup. She's been boxing the crap out of him (almost literally), and he creates a cry like the end of the world has just arrived, and he's announcing it.

I've seen the attack happen half a dozen time. This thin white Siamese mama cat saunters directly up to the dog's face, and she starts beating him up with her paws. She's enjoying humiliating him, and showing her power in the household.

For all the boxing, "Johny" doesn't have any scratches on his beautiful white fur. I've got some scratches, but it seems the dog doesn't. I always come rescue hime picking him up from the path of the mean kitty, and I set him down in another safe room. Poor thing is just a baby. That cat will know who is really boss long before "Johny" reaches 100 pounds. Interplay between species in a household can be entertaining to watch.

I haven't given 100% effort on the excrement routine. When we go for a walk, he does business. He does his business frequently. At first the piles were harem-scarem, just out of his way. I hit the spots with some drips of Pine Sol, and those spots aren't all cleaned yet, but at least de-stunk and covered with a paper towel. This isn't a situation I want continuing, but I'm not catching him when he goes.

"Johny" is a smart dog. He found my lost glasses for me. And he has decided the appropriate place for a pup to take a crap is as near a litter box as possible. I'm not saying he used the box yet, but I cleaned up five piles that had been deposited today on the throw rugs that go under the boxes to catch litter.

Last night I cleaned both litter boxes, and he watched me. I have three adult cats, plus the five kittens, plus a German Shepherd who is best auntie to the kittens. What a strange and wonderful world we live in.

A full grown Labrador Retriever is going to lay down some piles that I wouldn't want accumulating in the house. However, the played in the clean litter box, scratching and jumping till I made him jump out.

In the meantime, I hope he keeps deficating next to the litter boxes.

While spending too much time on eBay, I found a deal that I thought someone would bid me out of. Here is a link to my new site. This is as purchased. I haven't even logged in yet. Nobody outbid me, so I paid 99 cents for a set up web site.

The site was sold with articles, and adsense set up, as well as having links to affiliate sales from sites like Amazon. In theory this could be good. I don't understand everything, but I don't think I;ll have to.

I'll make notes as "Johny" trains, and he can be my model. He's quite the handsome lad.

Please follow the link above and check out the web site. Let me know what you think. I'm open to suggestions

I'm bidding on other sites whose content is my interst already. Check back as time developes my ideas.
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