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by jaya
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A never-ending nightly wonder.
Starlit Sky

Night after night the starlit sky
fills me with endless wonder.
The tiny tot by my side starts
counting the spots of glitter,
ends up bubbling with laughter
when she gets lost among the
countless stars of beauteous joy.

My eyes search for the holy seven,
the ancient thinkers who achieved
the highest abode, the starry status
through their control and penance.
Each night I look at them, I know
I too can try and learn to practice
tolerance, control and concentration.

Like the millions of stars in the starlit sky
that shine and spread moments of merriment,
there might be countless number of anonymous
human stars who shine with a light of their own.


A Note-
The “holy seven”- refers to the seven stars who according to Hindu Mythology are the seven great sages. Legend has it that by virtue of their yogic power and penance they attained the star status. They are seen every night as they make a complete orbit around the polestar within twenty four hours.

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