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by Kíka
Rated: E · Poetry · Romance/Love · #1883168
Just a little something I wrote from Romeo's point of view regarding his love for Juliet
I turned to see a beauty before my eyes;
Oh, what gentle sin I feel for her is this?
Avoiding glances of Capulet spies
And smooth a firm grasp with a tender kiss.
Her eyes glistened and glassy with stars of night,
Her shy smile reflected the glory of the sun,
Her smooth tone of voice brought shivering delight;
I fear she'll be forbidden me, alone to die as one.
Why, each time love falls for our enemy?
I cannot withdraw where my love is set!
So help me, God, I need a potion for a remedy
For love is set on the fair Lady, my Juliet Capulet.
God, please see what I see and know what I know,
For what am I to do with love for a Capulet foe?
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