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"Burning up the roadway...This gorgeous Southern cutie dives in, riding shotgun!" - a poem
Burning up the roadway in his sleek muscle machine,
A boy attracts the blue-green eyes of a blond-haired beauty queen.
Sizzling rather coyly in the glimmering summer sun,
This gorgeous Southern cutie dives in, riding shotgun!

Feeling quite excited, he’s about to stake his claim,
But her youthful disposition is quite aware of his poor aim.
Hitchhiking to Atlanta, she explains where she is going,
A trip to see her cousin, and their friendship keeps on growing!

He begins to get quite fresh with her, and now she sees the folly,
But then he says he’s making a film, and then her mood seems jolly.
He claims that he’d audition her for some supporting role, 
And she replies that stardom would fulfill her lifelong goal.   

So at the next motel room, he employs his camera skills,
And asks her to pose nude for him, for casting that instills
The purpose and sweet nature for a much-hyped Hollywood ending,
But her shyness doesn’t loosen and the shoot keeps on extending!

At last, she leaves him begging there and goes into the bathroom,
And in a moment not-too-soon, he hears his engine vroom;
The dumbest girl he’d ever met had just hotwired his car – 
Never had the least intent of becoming that big star.     

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