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by Haili
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Demographic for the prep challenge
My novel will appeal to:
gender: mostly girls, but boys could like it.
race: why does it matter? Any race. The story's about loving what's under the skin, not what the skin is. She learns to love a beast!
age: 15-20
disabilities: blind people, deformed people- they'll relate to my characters. Calista is blind, Damien's a beast
mobility: ?? Anyone
home ownership: why does this matter? anyone.
employment status: anyone
education: junior high or higher
income level: any level high enough to be able to afford to buy a book. Or check one out from the library.
marital status: mostly singles, probably.
location: most likely Americans, because I'm American and the book's English. But I'm certainly not targeting it towards Americans. It takes place in Gaiane, which is a fictional land.

Explain in detail what aspects of your novel will appeal to this particular audience and why.
It's a retold fairy tale, so any fairy tale freak will like it. These are mostly girls in my experience. I haven't met many. Since it's a retelling of Beauty and the Beast, the race of my reader doesn't matter. The story's about learning to love despite appearances. How much more skin issues can you have if you're covered in fur? It's a book for a more mature audience, as Damien is the bastard son of a king, and it's a more complicated book. It's aimed at junior highers at the youngest, but anyone older than 15 would like it. Employment status, income level, and home ownership doesn't matter really. As long as they can afford the book. Married couples would like it, but I think it's more of a love story. Someone searching for love might really like it, so that's why I said singles. It doesn't take place in a certain real country, so anyone could like it. Being from America, it's probably going to stay in the country, so it's aimed slightly towards them.
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