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by Taree
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This is a little about she who is unable to move on..
That spring, when cherry blossoms were still silvered colored,
When the traces of melted snow left me a bite of frost,
He went away without looking back.

I cried silently..watching his figure faded away.
Every bit of my heart ached as my tears were frozen.
Every drop of it fell, hitting the ground soundlessly,
shattered into thousand of shards.

Would he know?
Would he know that I want him back by my side badly?
Like I would trade anything for him…?

Each night was nightmares without him next to me.
I had never thought this bed would be this huge and cold with me alone.
Even the blanket was heavy as I pulled it to cover me who was fighting so hard holding my tears.

I fell asleep. Exhausted.

I woke up feeling empty.
How could the sun shine cheerfully?
And those birds? Why were they happily chirping?
Were they mocking me? or telling me to move on?

Move on?
I wasn’t even used to waking up without the noises he made in the kitchen.
It was uncomfortable inhaling without the smell of a cup espresso he made.
Can anyone tell me?
How could I move on like that?

I then reminded myself the reason he left.
He left to chase his dream.
He did not promise me he would come back to me. To where we were.
He only said if fate said so or vice versa, then so be it.
He told me, “Let me be your pride. I'll make you proud.”
I cried, then I smiled.

But I felt static.
What about me?
Did my life stop there?
Didn't I have a dream?

I stared blankly at a worn out notebook.
A notebook he gave me a year ago but remained empty.

A pen, a book, and a thousand words.

And yes, I do have a dream.
A dream of telling stories written delightfully.
Stories with delicate and vigorous worlds,
where words are fun to sing about.

That was back then when I started telling stories through words written.
Then I continued to live up my dream,
Until one day…my dream would come across his.
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