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by Taree
Rated: 13+ · Poetry · Romance/Love · #1898001
Another one written by me and my friends...
I can't promise to love you forever

I can't promise to stay with you forever
I can’t promise you eternal bliss
I can't promise eternal happiness
But I can give you my "now"

I'm giving you my moments in present
My "this time" and letting the rest flows with you
Though time won't stand still
Though I can't promise I won't change

Although you just stay silent
Playing with the dark, staying in the moment after life.
I always wonder how could you hear me?
or know what I'm feeling about you?
My eyes closed, but I can't invite the dead.
Love, live, laugh, what you'd choose for me to do?

I'll dive in wordless feelings
But one word for the whole world
Your name,
Reverberate the tears
Elaborate my soul
I'm out of fear
to hold you very dear
Though great distance we're away
Forever I'll fall for you
Bright and warm like the sunray
Life has never been so true

You say it's love,
I call it short feelings.
For the word 'eternal' is only in dreams
and like the singing grass, my body wither
But, smile, my love,
It will never fade
Even the laughing eyes caused scar so great
Your melodious whisper heals
Our heart won't break the rhythm
Hear me in sleeping silence

Becoming a memory
Bound to be with you
Stay longer than ever
As solid as flesh
Accompany you till the end.
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