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A contest entry for "Showering Acts of Joy"
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What can I say, I love to review. When I read a good story that I like, I have to let the author know how much I appreciated it and what I liked best about it. Anybody who gets reviews knows it can help them become a better writer.

Let's see, reviewing for me began back…

When I stumbled upon WDC, I instantly knew I was home. I’ve been a member now for almost two years. I started out reading different stories and couldn’t stop. I began to pace myself and started to write small paragraphs to let the author know what I liked best about their stories. It took a while before I began to check out WDC. When I finally did, I was struck by the vastness this site contained.

Considering this amazing find, I decided I would be here awhile; therefore, I signed up to become a member. I began to take notice of the different groups. Being a newbie, I was happy when I.N.K.E.D. invited me to join. This is where I first started to become a serious reviewer. I welcomed other new authors aboard with scribbles in their notebook. Riot helped all her newcomers to her group by holding a class on things we should know, such as the tools authors uses which make posting your writings on-site easier.

As a result of my new found knowledge, I set to work planning my own reviewing strategy. I wanted to do more than just write a small paragraph. My goal was to let the authors know how much I appreciated their hard work. It was time to work out a plan on giving a more in-depth review. There were things that I'd like to know on how my stories came across, and I was sure everyone else felt the same way. I listed certain topics that gave a full spectrum of what a story contained. If, by any chance, other authors read my reviews, they’ll know instantly if they too would want to read the story or not. I mean, a little intrigue can be enticing to another interested party.

If something stands out for me, I let the author know. Then giving a comment on why I think so and how these lines add to the story can be helpful too. I also took note on what these authors expressed that they wanted to know in a review. Eventually, a more thorough outline came into being. Adding a little color and emoticons for eye appeal, I was ready to do some serious reviewing.

Now, how did I arrive here at Showering Acts of Joy? I remember where I first heard about Pat ~ Rejoice always! when I arrived on the scene of WDC. I mean, being as active as she is around the site, you're bound to hear of her. But, my most memorable time was during the eleventh anniversary of WDC that I first made contact with her and wished her a happy birthday. Yes, she celebrates her birthday around the same time WDC celebrates their anniversary and with the many contest going on back in celebration, I remember…

Pat's cute write-up on letting everyone know that her birthday is the same time as WDC's anniversary. The color and images she showed along with her write-up was quite festive, and it caught my eye. I loved the appealing way Pat welcomed everyone to come and sit on the front porch. In fact, I believe she was running a contest on raising funds for WDC. I posted in the forum a happy birthday wish for her and donated some GPs to the cause. She thanked me and mentioned her group. I was really tempted to join, but I felt disloyal to I.N.K.E.D. if I did such a thing, so I passed on the offer. Another chance to join came around June of 2012...

I sometimes get my reading material by clicking on the random button, and staring back at me was Pat ~ Rejoice always! 's story. I began to read the beginning paragraph and became hooked. I gave a review on it and got an answer back from her with her thanks. She again offered me membership to her group, and this time, I agreed wholeheartedly because "Invalid Item was closing. There haven’t been any regrets since.

I love being part of Showering Acts of Joy. You get to read and review stories that pop up in Pat's garden by whatever means possible. How they get there I don't care, because there are so many great authors on WDC. I'm sure they feel lucky enough to be there and get reviewed by Pat's group. All of us at SAJ show how much we enjoy what these authors have to offer by giving them encouraging reviews.

I've read and reviewed many talented authors that come and go in Pat's garden. I, myself, tell them what I liked about their story or poem. If I find a mistake, I let them know. The newbies really appreciate all the help that anyone can give them. I know what I like and telling these authors exactly what I felt about their items helps them, I'm happy. Any description that I feel brings me into the story or if they have a great beginning hook, I let them know. Giving these in-depth reviews are appreciated by many authors and I enjoy their return remarks. Pat is right; being part of this group is a joy. I'm also honored by the return remarks from the more established authors that I have reviewed. I know then that I have succeeded in what I set out to do.

What is there not to like about reviewing? It’s a great experience on both sides and spreading the joy does feel good. It actually becomes a domino effect. When one author in the garden feels good about how they are reviewed, you, the reviewer feels good in return and Pat… Well, she knows for certain her SAJ garden will keep on growing. This is really what it is all about, isn’t it?

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