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Life gets in the way
Truly, truly there is never enough time and hopefully the Mayans were wrong. I know that I have been saying, for several months now, that I am working a story, and I am, but things have gotten in the way. Several months ago a fellow compatriot in the field of music contacted me about a project we had worked on together 15 years ago. "15 years ago?!" I screamed. Well, it seems that in celebration of that project he wanted to re-release that album as free downloads, but he wanted some new stuff to go along with it. Here is were life gets in the way. So, since I have not worked as a musician since 1999 (with just a few live appearances since) I have committed myself to working on a new EP and it is a hard horse to ride on after so much time (seriously, were does it go?). I am still currently working on the new music and feel like it will take several more months to finish. So hoping this doesn't bore too many of you to tears I do apologize to you my constant readers and I will try harder to finish what I started, which is several stories, before too long. But, please wish me well on my musical endeavors and hopefully I can post them to this site this next year as a free treat (fingers crossed). And yes, the music is dark, as I hope most of my stories are.
Thank you again my constant readers,
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