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this is a start of one of the stories i am writing hope you like
{{b}center}Chapter 1{/center}{/b}

Iris turned in to the alleyway. She never goes though the alleyway at such a late hour but her shoes were rubbing and the bags were tugging at her fingers. She just wanted to go home not that there was much waiting for her there just a dark empty flat. Iris was from Rosa children's home her parents dumped her there when she was three they gave no reason just left. She had finished school a year ago so the orphanage decided it would be best if she left and had her own place so she did now she lives in a two bed apartment and works in the cafe round the corner.

Iris stopped a shiver went down iris's spine she felt as if she was being watched by someone she turned to see if there was anyone around her but there was nothing that she could see. She kept on walking cursing herself for watching too much TV. while iris was walking along the alleyway iris let her mind wonder as usual trying to find out more of her past questions running though her head about why her parents gave her up but every time she tried it gave her a headache.

Her thought were interrupted by the sound of footsteps behind her. Iris quickened her pace tiring not to panic too soon it could simply be someone else trying to make there way back home quicker just like her. Iris listened closely to the footsteps it took her a while but she finally realized that the person behind her pace had also quickened she was certain now that she was being followed. Iris panicked and started to look for exits without the stalker noticing but the only exit was at the end of the alleyway.

“If I could just get to the end of the alleyway I would be in the safe zone" she thought to herself.

5 meters away, heart beat quickens, pace quickens, trying not to look behind you. 3 meters away lungs burning, legs screaming at you to stop, brain screams to keep going, stalkers pace quickens.1 meter away stalker footsteps stop "Has he given up “she thought. Slowly she turned round ignoring screaming 'stop'. She turned and found herself face to face with the attacker. He was a young man about 18 or 19 years old he was wearing a black jacket. his blond hair was spiked out into odd angles he looked like a runaway model not the type to stalk a girl home from work. Iris looked up into the man's eyes they were blood red but full of sadness. Like he had made a promise to someone close to him that he now knew he couldn't keep.

Iris sudenly realized that his mouth was twitched up like a sneer it reminded her of a hungry lion that had just pounced on to it's pray. Iris tried to let out a scream but the man's hand flew up to her mouth

"shhhh" his voice rang. The man started to mumble something about asking forgive form lady reign.

"wow..what do by..you ww..want" Iris stammered out the man's eyes snapped to hers

"Im so sorry about this but it can't be helped" he's voice was so delicate that Iris thought she was in a trance the man moved his hand to her hair

"So black and the curls at the bottom are they natural" he asked. Iris didn't know what to do so she just nodded her head

"good you will keep them if it works" he smiled to himself Iris started to think that this man could be crazy maybe if she could stall him long enough she could make a quick break it wasn't that far from the exit

"if what works" Iris asked hoping it would stall him long enough. The man moved her hair from her neck

" oh don't worry you will know soon enough" The man moved his mouth towards her neck.

"wait" Iris shouted with her eyes glued shut she couldn't bear to see what he had pulled out to make the final kill. After a while Iris realized that nothing had happened she knew he was still there but he had moved back away from her neck. Slowly Iris opened her eyes to see the man standing and staring at her in wonder. As soon as he realized that she was looking at him his expression changed

" I’m a man of mercy seeming as you ask me to wait I shall listen and have any question being the gentleman I am I shall answer then I will kill you" Iris swallowed and before she could stop the words coming out she spoke

" gentlemen you a gentlemen your a physic you jump me after following me through this dark alleyway and you call yourself a gentlemen there is nothing gentle about you" She watched as the man's faced filled with shock at what he was hearing

" your not afraid of me " He asked Iris didn't know what to do she had got herself in a corner now which would be hard to escape from

. " well no your just some crazy person I mean yeah imp scared of the whole killing part and I mean it could be slow or very painful although I would like quick..." " you’re rambling" The man cut in. Iris stopped talking and thought it over.

"Yeah I guess I am look can I at least know your name I mean your still gunner kill me so at least can I know that mister gentlemen" The man thought this over a bit then out stretched his hand out towards

" fair enough phoenix is the name" Iris looked at the hand now that his hand was there he wouldn't beagle to block his face so she swooned her fist and hit him in the jaw. While he was stunned she turned and ran. She had hope the exit was so close but then she felt a hand close round her throat. She was yanked back and pushed against the wall whacking her head. she felt warm liquid pour from the back of her head. phoenix’s face was contort with anger

" that wasn't nice now was it?" he barked his voice had changed from the delicate voice to one that reminded her of a wild animal. He lessened his grip from her neck and Iris moved her hand to the back of her head when she brought it back to her face the hand was covered in a sickly red color.

" my head it's bleeding" she said to phoenix as so as she said the word bleeding phoenix eyes widened.

"Blood" he said calmly

" yes blood" Iris said sarcastically phoenix moved closer so his mouth was near her ear and whispered

" Then I’m sorry it's too late" and with that he sank his teeth into her throat. Then everything went dark and all Iris could feel was pain it hurt so much she wanted to tear her own skin off but she couldn't move she just screamed and screamed. Her body was on fire it burned and burned all over she wanted to beg for it to stop but nothing came out. Then it stopped and all Iris could do was listening to her heart beat slow then stop all to get her then it was over. Phoenix looked at her as she lay there silent unaware of the pain that was happening inside her mind. He stared at her at his hands that were covered in blood

"what have I done oh why did I do that please forgive me lady reign"

                                                      * * *

Detective remound Lewis hated his job . He had worked in homicide for 10 years and all it go him was sleepless nights. he crossed the crime scene tape on to the chaos people were jotted everywhere trying to exam on the scene. Collecting evidence and looking for witnesses. remount came to the place where the women lay she looked to be nineteen with black hair that had a mass of curls at the bottom one of the team members had already closed the girl’s eyes. Reymound turned round to find a cop in the end he found one that was standing at the far corner looking a pale green color "rookie" Reymound laughed to himself. Reymound walked over to the cop as he approached the cop stood straight. He streched out his hand for Reymound took it and gave it a frim shake.

"tommy jones NYPD" the rookie said

" Detective reymound lewis" reymound responded with

" so what happened?" asked reymound he saw tommy fomble with the pocket in his trouser till he produced a small notebook.

"Her name is Iris rosa she's an orphan from the rosa children's home umm she left there a couple of months ago they set her up with a apartment just over there" He pointed over at the apartment block just at the end of the allyway.

" she works at the cafe round the cornor also set up by the children's home no faimly, no friends known of also no reletionship now or ever she kepts herself to herself". tommy finished

" you forgot her age" Reymound commented " tommy shifted through his notes

" so i have sorry her licence says she's 19" Reymound shook tommy's hand again and then moved back over to the body were a csi was looking over the body. This time the man did not bother standing or even looking at Reymound he stayed inestigating the body as he spoke

" Reymound lewis why haven't you retired yet" the man said with a hint of joke

" oi watch it steven harris i'm not that old"

" Ok whatever you say and im pretty sure pigs fly too"

steven replaided with a little laugh " well whats the T.O.D?" reymound asked

" i reckon about eleven o'clock last night just after she finished work" steven said

" C.O.D?" reymound said eyeing the body for a sign of what it could be.

" There are lots of injuries that point to her fighting back such as her knuckles on her right hand a swollen" steven lifted Iris' knuckles to show Reymund

" And brusieing on her throat" once again steven traced his hand along the bruise on her neck

" but also the blunt force truma on the back of her head where she was slammed aganist the brick wall" he moved iris forward and showed Reymound the back of her head

" but none of these are to c.o.d" Reymound looked the girl over again

" what was then?" he asked steven " these puncture wounds on her neck"

Steven now had Reymound's full attention.

" Pardon ?" he asked steven looked at him knowing it wasn't like Reymound to ask for someone to repeat what they just said

. " I said that the c.o.d was these puncher wounds on her neck" steven finally said

"what shape are they?" Reymound asked

"cicuclur" steven said confused by Reymound's odd behaveur

" how long have you been working on this scene?" Reymound ask causally

" since six o'cock this morning" steven replied

" On a Saturday take a break go on you deserve it" as Reymound said this steven started to feel just how tired he was.

"Yeah I think I will may I ask why your acting strange though? "

" well umm there was a case I was on four years ago with the same m.o but it needs to be hush hush" Reymound explanned.

"Ah now I get it all right I'll be off but me and my crew will have to continue work in ten minutes" steven turned and gathered his team after a few minutes they were all hudled round the table with the drinks on that some of the nauighbours had set up.

Reymound turned away and pulled out his phone. He tapped a few buttons then placed it to his ear

"we have another one" he said to the person on the other end

" how much blood is gone? " asked the man at the other end of the phone call. Reymound moved over to the body and examened the skin colour to see how pale she was and to examon the wound more closely

" She looks like not much blood has gone her skin still has some colour and her lips are still red" Reymound finally said to the man

"Maybe this wasn't a feeding" the man on the phone's voice was laced with curiosity

" In the thritys there were reports of men murduring women but instead of fleying they would sit and wait. Of course these men were vampires but they weren't feeding of them they were trying to change them".The man contiued

" I thought that couldn't be done" Reymound said as he remebered his training

" It can't only a certain kind of person can survive it"

" What kind?" Reymound looked round to see how much time he had before the csi team came back it didn't look like he had much time left.

" The only kind of person that can be changed is one that has a vampire parent"

" can that happen I mean a offspring that's half vampire half human" Reymound asked his talking speed quicken as he wached the csi team finish the last of there tea

" Yes it can we had a lot of that in the 90s so most children will be late teens or early twentys" Reymound thought through all the details given to him on iris

" the girl is ninteen and lived at a children's home"

" keep an eye on her this could be what we've been searching for". The man's voice had change to one of excitment

. " You mean 'the one" Reymound looked round and waited for the man to replie but the man had already hung up.

Reymound looked round at the girl again think of the story's of 'the one' and wondering how such a girl could have such a big destiney. He was deep in thought when a hand touched his shoulder makeing him jump

"still as jumpy as ever" steven said with a laugh

" so this your fella that did this to this poor unfortinate girl? " Asked steven staring at the girl wondering if she wasn't lying dead now what would she be doing.

" I'm afarid so steven this might be the case were we..." Raymuond was interrupted by a scream he turned to see a women part of the csi team holding her face with one hand and pointing at the girls body with her other.


" her hand just twitched" she said shaking

" don't be stupid she's dead she has been for hours " even tough Steven thought it couldn't possible he still found himself staring at the hand the women was pointing at

"I'm sorry sir could be my imagination it has been a early run this morning" just as she finished the sentence Steven watched s the women's hand twitched again.

Steven gasped

"I'm afraid reymound that she might be right the hand does seem to be moving." Reymound grabbed his trousers at the knees and pulled them up a little as he bent down and looked at the girls face getting closer and closer till he was staring at her closed eyes. He was about to turn and tell everyone how stupid they were being till the girls eyes snapped open and Reymound found himself watching her eyes turn from a blood red to a blue color. Iris gasped for breath as though she had been suffocated her eyes darted back and forth till they landed on Raymond’s face. She pushed him back and stood up only to fall back down from dizziness

“who are you? Were did he go? What happened?" She asked rushing her words in panic. Everyone stared in confusion at what they were seeing

" miss I'm detective Reymound Lewis and this is Steven Harris he's part of the csi department" Reymound said flashing his badge.

Iris looked it over then when she was certain it wasn't a fake she spoke

"how did you get here so quickly I haven't even had time to call about the attack I must of blacked out or something. I mean the guy how attacked me was crazy with all the ramblings and stuff. Not to mention he bite me I mean clear as day bite me. I thought he was going to kill me"

she said all at once she looked round waiting for someone to speak but they were all staring at her as though she was some whack job.

" what's wrong why are you looking at me like that" she said starting to feel self conscious checking herself over to make sure nothing was wrong

" not to be rude miss but were staring cause just a few moments ago you were dead."

Phoenix watched from a distance it had worked and he couldn't believe it. But he didn't have time to stand there thinking how lucky he was because not only it working on her being a problem she was now in the hands of the government and for their kind that was bad bad news.

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