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by stacie
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this is just something to go into a book struggling to think up a begining
Adam walked in he was all alone and see the guilt and sadness on his face

'Where's kye.' I asked I could see his face grow more guilty but also grow scared

' He didn't make it.' He finally said his voice shaking

' What do you mean he didn't make it.' My chest tightened as I thought of what could of happened to kye

' They took him just lobbed him in the back of there van like a rag doll.' Anger boiled inside me

' Who took him.' I shouted and watched as adam took a small step back

' Them the people who took us when we were runaways I was too scared to stop them' 'I thought they stopped looking.' Adam slowly shock his head

' That was a decoy they were waiting for us to group then hit us all together.' Adam looked down he was ashamed for letting us down for losing kye I looked round and saw how scared everyone looked and I realised that I had finished with being scared and hiding

'What do we do now they took kye.' Molly asked her voice so fable it was barely a whisper. I look at molly what had happened to her and I knew excically what we were to do

' you do nothing your too weak but the rest of us We fight.' Sam stood

' What we can't fight them' he shouted puffing out his chest

' yes we can they crated us because they could be us that means they can never beat us I'm fed up of running and pretending to be something I'm not so we hunt them take kye and kill them all I don't care how long it takes we do it.' My eyes started to fill with tears

' and swear i If anything happens to kye then there won't be quick but will be slow and painful and I promise that so your either in or not if your not then go I don't have time to waste so who's in.

' They were silent all looking at each other in a silent conversation fear rose in me that I would be the only one the a hand fell on my shoulder ' I am

.' Sky said looking round at the boys for there response.

'Me too let's teach theses suckers a lesson.

' Yelled adam all that was left was sam I could still see the fear in his eyes

'adam its down to you you in or out think of the revenge were going to get.' I encouraged and watched as his face changed on the word revenge

'Kye was like a big brother he helped me to escape and let me stay with him so now its my turn I'm in' I stepped back and looked at everyone are family they all looked scared but they were all ready to save kye and risk their lives.

'Ok then let's go save kye'
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