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snow white/vampire perspective
  You good folks have been sadly misinformed. The fair skin raven haired beauty, that you all have come to know and love, is nothing short of Satan's hand maiden...his unholy concubine.  The so called evil witch in your untruth about Snow White was actually a very nice and rather attractive woman who's only failing was befriending that disloyal succubus.  You should know there were no apples or poison fruit of any kind.  It was her.  I know, I was there.  I saw the whole horrific ordeal.  She killed her.  It..it..was awful.  I can still see as plain as yesterday the way the blood seemed so bright against her cold white flesh and the way her eyes went black as pitch when she fed on her convulsing jerking form.  She enjoyed what she did.  You could see it in the way she would release her neck intermittently to gasp new air and exhale in sounds I can only guess were that of immense pleasure.  I cursed her then and I curse her still that she will soon taste the perfect justice of God's hell fire!

  I know what your thinking, "Who is this guy and why is he telling us all this?"  Well, for your edification, I just happen to be in the woods that very night.  I had a run in with a wolf attacking a little girl and was just on my way back to town for a drink and maybe something to eat.  Haven't eaten right since that terrible night...haven't slept much either.  The picture's are just to real anymore...can't get them out of my head.  Not only has she robbed me of the sleep needed for coherent thought, she has also robbed all of you the truth of he real nature.

  I pray earnestly that none of you ever have the displeasure of finding yourself alone with her when the evil thirst she carries is upon her.  For she will drain you of your life blood in a manner that I am sure is more painful and inhumane than what is necessary.  She only does it for her own sick amusement.  After she has exhausted every ounce of blood from you, her little minion's come out to drag you off and discard your corpse.  They are small in stature but incredibly strong.  I had a count of seven, but it could have been more.  I didn't stick around to get a better count.

  Now before you start saying, "If she is bad, why are the story's about her so good and wondrous?"  Let me go ahead and answer that now.  Have you ever heard the saying, "It's the victor's of war who write the history"?  Well, in this case the victor was Snow White.  She killed all the witnesses of her evil doings.  She and her demonic henchmen tell of the events in their own way, with no one to dare argue them, save one....me!

  I know most everyone thinks of Snow White as a poorly mistreated, defenseless little angel, whom would often cast a fearful shadow when speaking of her stepmother.  You may or may not be swayed by my accounts of her.  However, you must know this, Snow white did not have a stepmother.  Her father, knowing the truth of his daughter, trembled at the thought of anyone possibly entering his home.  Therefore never allowing access into his home, and definitely not exposing anyone to her.  No, not again...not after what she did to her birth mother. As you know this action causes  rumors  to arise and people to speculate, and just like every other time we speculate off the information we get from rumors we turn out to be wrong.

  You see, Snow White didn't start out as an evil murderous lover of the dark arts. That didn't come about until she was twelve years of age and only after a three day disappearing trick into the woods.  I can't reckon as to what had taken place during the few days she was gone, but when she returned home, Snow had changed.  The look of innocents was permanently removed from her face and her movements.  Her walk and gait were that of a burly hunter rather than that of a little girl.  If only I would have warned her family before she fed on her very own mother!  Although, I knew not, the kind of evil that had enveloped her the day she had returned from the woods.  I don't believe it would have helped, even if I were able to have warned them, because of the way that her father doted on her.  However that's probably what has kept him alive...his denial.  As long as she perceived all was normal with him, he wouldn't be seen as a threat or someone who would tell her story.  But mother...oh I mean Snow White's mother...had seen her for who she had become and wanted her gone!  That my friends is why mom had to...I mean mother had to...what I'm trying to say is, Snow White's mother died a horrible death for very little reason...and yes, I am her (Snow White) brother.  Actually, I did not want to admit that. The family name is now one of shame and only spoken in dark corners of seedy establishments.  That being said, I left home while Snow White was still quite young, much too young to now recognize the form I grew into.  I'm also very sure father has never mentioned me to her. He never cared for me or at least it wasn't the care mother showed for me.

  You see the thing is, my father and I never got along.  Even more so after the birth of Snow White.  He saw in her the child that would not disappoint him by not wanting his life.  For the daughter isn't expected to carry on the the family business just like she isn't expected to carry on the family name.  In short, as long as she played the cute loyal little daddy's girl, she would always hold his heart and his ear.

  Mother, on the other hand, kept me abreast of the family's doings and gatherings.  She would get letter's to me every chance she could. That's how I tracked the devilish transformation of my sister.  It was the neighbor who informed me of the disturbing sounds and strange occurrences that took place the night my dear mother died.  My witnessing of the unfortunate fate that befell Snow White's friend in the woods, only served to add images to the disturbing thoughts I have of my mother's death.

  The only reason I stayed in this area, was to look after my mother's needs if any were to arise,  wasn't counting on Snow, or what was to befall my mother.  I don't know what I could have done to have prevented this...Truth be told...it could be my fault. Oh God in heaven
what have I done!.... 

  I'm telling you this horrific story in hopes that it keeps you from passing her fable to our younger generation so they see her for the monster she really is.  Thus ending her ability to hide her horror behind the fable that has been sadly warped and to put a holy light on an unholy succubus so that she can do her evil bidding's unnoticed.  So now it's done!  I've shared the shame of my family in hopes that it serves as a warning to you and yours.  Stay away from her and the woods that border the town to the west, for it is her hunting ground.  From this day hence, I renounce our family name, no longer sharing in the stigma that is associated with it!

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