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I wrote this for my English exam in YR10 and I received the top mark in the year for it.
Faces shone through the darkness in every direction; laughing at her, taunting her. The scared little girl ran frantically in circles, her breathing becoming rid and harsh. There was nowhere to go. Everywhere she looked people stood, blocking her way out. They started to move closer, the air began to get thicker. She was trapped. Her brain searched for a way out of this torture. It came up blank. The poor girl was suffocating. Every breath becoming harder than the last, but she didn't stop fighting. She kept going until suddenly…

Emily woke with a start. Sweat covered her forehead, dread weighed heavily in her stomach. Her breathing was frantic. It came out in short, raspy breaths. In and out, in and out; Emily focused on getting her breathing back to normal. Her eyes scanned the pale yellow walls of her bedroom and a feeling of calming relief washed over her like a wave. She was safely in her new house in the comfort of her own room. No one was laughing at her.

Slowly and carefully, Emily placed her chilled feet onto the soft cream carpet and tiptoed over to the window. Pulling back the curtain, she looked out over the moonlit garden. Everything was shining like a thousand diamonds hung to every leaf, branch and blade of grass. She sighed deeply and turned away, heading towards her bedroom door. She gently eased it open and tiptoed down the dark corridor. As she entered the kitchen, a flicker of a shape appeared in the corner of Emily’s eye. Her heart beat increased as she whipped around, her eyes scanning from side to side. Nothing jumped out at her. Emily sighed- she was jumping at shadows, that dream had really creeped her out. Just as Emily turned around, a figure jumped out.

“Boo!” It said and Emily jumped back in fright as a scream escaped her lips.
“Shh! You don’t want to wake mum and dad now do we?” The voice of Emily’s older brother echoed through the now silent kitchen. Realisation dawned upon Emily and she relaxed. As her hand whacked him playfully on the shoulder, Emily felt surprisingly better.

“Ow! What was that for?” Logan smiled and dramatically pretended she’d actually hurt him. A happier mood settled over Emily and waved the annoyed one away.
“That was for scaring me! I've had enough terror for one night.” Emily’s brave façade slipped for just a second and Logan saw right through it. His amused look slipped into one of concern.
“Why? Em what happened? Are you ok? Who hurt you? I’ll go give them a piece of my mind!” His macho persona appeared and Emily couldn't help but smile. Logan always cheered her up no matter what.
“Hey slow down, I’m fine. Just a nightmare that’s all.”

He just nodded and opened his arms; Emily slipped into them and instantly felt safe. Her big brother would always protect her. They stood like that for a while, Logan refused to let go until he knew his little sister was ok.
Eventually, he broke the silence.
“Do you want to talk about it?” Emily hesitated and the sighed, nodding her head gently.
“It was about…”

Suddenly two pairs of feet thundered down the corridor and the tired figures of their parents appeared through the darkness.
“We thought we heard a noise.” Emily’s father panted, umbrella in hand. Both Logan and Emily fought to hide their laughter as they took in the scene before them. Their dad with his ruffled hair and umbrella in one hand, poised to strike. And their mother looking out of breath and a little frightened in her pyjamas. Emily smiled and laughed as she went to hug her parents.

“It was me screaming. This big idiot scared the hell out of me.” She punched Logan playfully again, but he dodged it and sent a jab towards her ribs. Their parents smiled at their lovely children.
“But what were you both doing down here at two o’clock in the morning?”
Logan looked at Emily through concerned eyes.
“I had a nightmare and wanted a drink.” Replied Emily slowly.
Her parent’s faces morphed into looks of concern, identical to the one their son was wearing.
“Do you want to talk about it?” Her mother asked gently.
“It was about to today. ; About my new school. I’m terrified.”
Her father nodded his head as Emily’s mother hugged her tight and said.
“It’s okay sweetie. I know you’re scared. Being home schooled for so long won’t make it easy, but I know that nothing can hurt you when you have a family who loves you dearly and always will.”
Emily smiled and her father called for a group hug. She knew that these three amazing people would always protect her, no matter what.
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