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This is the outline to the first book of a series I have decided to start writing.
Battle in the field
Report in to Colonel
War against Gothica          winning, pushing Goths out of the empire in the west
War continues. Rumors trickle in from the east in letters and death reports.
Gothic General Requests ceasefire and talks
         Captain Marcellus brought with
         Reveal of respect held for Captain Marcellus and his company

Gothic General gets reports about severe and strange losses from the east; begins accusations

Agreement reached, Captain Marcellus and his company redeployed to the east

Begin encountering strange enemies equipped with stranger weapons that spit death from afar. Wear strange masks

Captain and company begin making strategies to counter them, collect weaponry

Start seeing success and deployment of weaponry

Caesar pulls them from the front
         Promotes Captain Marcellus and his company to the praetorian Guard
         Assigns them to a task force with Goths and Germanians
         Equips them with new gear
                   Goths present Captain Marcellus with artisan pistol
                             Very important scene plays out here

Redeploy to the Eastern front

Begin mounting offensive and collecting intel to relay to command

Command restructures the legions to utilize firearms

Captain Marcellus and his Company redeploy to lead the legions against the easterners

Begin winning, Germanians begin assassinating HVT’s

War won and remaining Easterners held as captives
Given option: Death or hard labor rebuilding what they destroyed and when finished given citizenship

Captain Marcellus and his company oversee reformation and re-equipment of the legions
         As it completes news comes about contact from the long lost colony on the Forgotten Isles
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