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Rated: E · Short Story · Erotica · #1930329
What is truth?

        She had assimilated into the Fox News .
        Her voice and dead pan expression made her reporting more dramatic.
        But, she was Annukai ..an ancient race of lizards.
        Her colleagues felt uneasy around her. But, they chalked it up to
        her icy professionalism.

        Catherine Herridge was one of many Annukai in the media.
        Her mission was no less than to enslave the human race.
        Thousands of years ago, she and her kind were worshiped as Gods.
        But, today the humans ruled. And the planet was dieing for it.
        This Earth had been formed by the Annukai.
        They had brought water to it from Nibia, the tenth planet in our solar system.

        Catherine hissed as she swallowed a rat whole. .
        "How I loath these filthy hippies. They have no respect for this precious world."
        Catherine reported on Fox news without blinking.
        Lizards blink slowly.
        She had a close encounter in the ladies room.
        Ann Coulter opened her stall and screamed at the sight of her smooth crotch.
        Catherine covered herself quickly. Lizard have internal sex organs.
        She explained that she had a small vagina.
        Ann asked her for a date,  Mrs. Herridge declined.

        "How many decades must I remain here?" Catherine pleaded with her
        mother ship.
        The answer was indefinite. The Annukai plans were delayed by human
        population growth.. "Horny monkeys!" she hissed.
        If only there was a way to depopulate the planet of humans and not harm
        the ecology.
        Perhaps, a fatal global venereal disease?
        Lizards only reproduce through external egg fertilization.
        She did her best to look seductive to male humans.
        But, her icy reptilian nature was repellant.

        There would have to be a radical change in human civilization...
        The total deconstruction of the world view was essential to their plans.
        This was the New World Order.
        Glen Beck, Sean Hannity, Bill O'rielly were all Annukai slaves.
        They were like eunuchs.
        Catherine knew how to use her mesmerizing personality to turn
        humans back into slaves for the Annukai.
        It was mass hypnosis.

        It all sounds impossible, but watch her closely.
        She does not blink.
        She has a lizard's hypnotic gaze.

        Be safe.
        Do not stare too long at the television.
        Mrs. Herridge will eat your soul.


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