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A letter to Richard Dawkins
              How do I know what is truth?

              I observe the world around me....  Oh? Look there's a flaming ball of fire in the sky!
              Is it the Sun or a planet killing meteorite?  Hmmm. Looks like the Sun.
              Maybe, it's a UFO.

              Let's test this.  One the of the aspects of the Sun is it rises and sets on the horizon,
              but it has never struck the Earth.  Okay, this object in question is behaving like the Sun,
              ergo, it is the Sun. Problem solved.  :)

              Metaphysics and Physics are not common sense.  How do you know there are multi universes?
              If you haven't been there, then, you have a theory.  A theory is what scientist call, "Probability."
              Average folks call it, "Make believe."  Physics speculate about the particles that are holding everything
              together. They actual believe that a particle can be in two places at once. But how do they know that?
              Well, energy is bent. So, a particle can be bent in two places at once.

              I don't get this.  How do you distinguish one particle from another?
              Can this be seen with our eyes?  This is very small stuff.
              physicist... (not easy to spell). State that particles are altered when observed, ipso facto,
              they don't know what particles really are.

              Richard Dawkins likes to tour with a physicist Krause.  They do a show like Chic and Chong,
              but with science info.  Krause argument is that something can come from nothing, because nothing
              has energy. How does he know that? Well, you have to buy his book.  In a nutshell, nothing is.


              I remember that word from the Star Trek series.  Anti-matter exists, because if there is something,
              then there must have been nothing. Krause also thinks the Universe has zero energy.
              It is floating on the first big bang, like the ripples in the lily pond Grasshopper.
              When someone tells me that nothing exists because something came from it; I ponder their sanity.
              But a scientist demands cause and effect solutions like a God Delusion. 

              God is outside creation (Yes/No)?
              If God is created, then, who or what is the creator?
              I think, therefore, I am.  "I am what I am." Popeye.
              This is sounding a lot like Zen.  The key is in the first cause or catalyst in the lab of life.
              I can have fun with that.

              ~ ~ IN the BEGINNING there was FREDDY ~~

              All was empty and void, except for Freddy, who was unique.
              Freddy was lonely and made himself a cute baby doll and a sandwich.
              The baby doll wanted a house. So, Freddy made a mansion with many rooms.
              The baby doll wanted a garden. So, Freddy made a planet to place the mansion on.
              The baby doll wanted kids. So, Freddy gave her children, and they screwed up everything.
              The baby doll wanted the kids to respect her. So, Freddy drowned them ... a bit drastic?
              The baby doll was very sad about that. So, Freddy gave her a rainbow and more kids.
              But the kids screwed it up again.

              Freddy flipped out and erased everything with a fireball in the sky.
              This time Freddy and his baby doll decided not to have kids.
              They had some puppies. And it was good.

              Absurd?  If anything is possible for God, then you can't deny the possibility.
              However, you can look for evidence to support your theory.
              There was a big flood. The oceans did cover most of the land.
              A solar flare can fry most of the planet ...  And kids screw things up.
              But there is no evidence for Freddy and his baby doll.
              Unless you draw conclusions from existing evidence that all life came from a creator,
              who you might call FREDDY.

              Maybe or maybe not?


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